Used Games Market Affecting Game Quality and Sales?

Chairman of Frontier Developments ( makers of Lost Winds) David Braben is trying to argue that the resale market could be providing less incentive for studios to develop better games.

"Now publishers and developers just see revenue the initial few weeks regardless of the game's quality, and then gamers start buying used copies, which generates money that goes into GameStop's pocket, nobody else's." states Braben.

While the man does raise a valid point. He essentially is just complaining. All the used game stores will continue to operate as they always have. One would think that this would provide incentive for developers to focus more attention on creating games that have great multiplayer modes. Game makers have gotten to complacent in just churning out average game after average game. If developers want to pad their pockets like the old days they had better stop complaining and start making great games that are keepers.

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