EA's Lord of the Rings games: where are they now?

Throughout the 00s, EA brought us some of the best Lord of the Rings games? Where are they now? How can you play them? Are there remasters?

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mynameisthumper595d ago

The third age was awesome, still have it for PS2 :)

stupidusername595d ago

Completely forgot about that game! It was awesome. Had no idea what I was doing because I was young so I struggled with beating Sauron’s eye for 2 years.
I wish they made a new one, but with a new story detached from the movies.

demonseye595d ago

that's kinda the beauty of the Lotr there is a lot of lore to make a game about and since not everything was written there is a lot of freedom to interpret that part of the lore that's there. or you just do what monolith Productions did. and just fuck the lore to create your own thing. although the thing that made that game good was the nemesis system.

Darkborn595d ago

I'm still hoping monolith makes a full open world middle earth game with more rpg elements and the nemesis system

Phoenix76595d ago

Still got both battle for middle earth 1&2 for pc and two towers and ROTK for ps2

autobotdan595d ago

Two Towers and Return of the King were good games on original xbox

Gaming4Life1981595d ago

Man I wish they would make some more of these games or just remake or remaster the originals.

ActualWhiteMan595d ago

Remaster these PLEASE. Some of the best COOP elements of any game.

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