Rustler Is The Medieval GTA You Didn’t Know You Needed - Hey Poor Player

Join Hey Poor Player as we get an inside look at Rustler, an upcoming game inspired by classic Grand Theft Auto titles.

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VivaChe1081d ago

Definitely looks promising

paulust20021081d ago

With this and that cyberpunk clone of gta 2... What a year!

MadLad1081d ago

Ascent isn't a clone of either of those games lol. It's a twin stick shooter with RPG elements. Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't own the cyberpunk aesthetic, which has been featured in games and movies for decades now; and the only similarities between it and old school GTA is being top down.
Even then, it changes the PoV several times throughout the experience all the same.

That said, to get back on topic, Rustler looks like another title that may be right up my alley. Hoping it comes out solid.

jznrpg1080d ago

I don’t get the Cyberpunk and Ascent comparisons . Sure they’re cyberpunk in setting but gameplay couldn’t be more different . Twin stick shooter vs open world FPS rpg . Not the same at all . I’m not a huge fan of twin stick shooters but there has been a couple I’ve enjoyed . Binding of Isaac and Alien Nation most recently and of course Smash TV back in the day in the arcade . Ascent could be a decent game like those were .

toad4041080d ago

i think he means the game Glitchpunk. it will be out in a few days, looks just like gta top down games.

MadLad1080d ago


Ah. Just looked it up.
I'm assuming you're right there. That's definitely old school GTA inspired. Didn't even know this was a thing.
That said, that game may be on my radar now lol.

jznrpg1080d ago

Looks funny I may give it a go . Can the gameplay hold up for however long the game is ? I’m sure it’s fun for some time but can it sustain it throughout the game. If the writing is good with a good loop it has a chance .

1080d ago
specialguest1080d ago

They mentioned GTA which made me think of the company Rockstar. That led to think of the game Bully when I looked at the image of the bald guy. He's like a medieval version of that kid

jayz123811080d ago

Definitely get them vibes from the supplied thumbnail pic. Beat me to it lol

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