Valve Steam Deck hands-on preview: A PC playground whatever your gaming tastes | Gamesradar

The controls, the games, and how the portable PC machine really works.

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VivaChe78d ago

If it’s a handheld console that uses its own OS, then it technically isn’t a “PC,” portable or otherwise.

Vits78d ago

It run Linux. And you can install whatever OS that you want.
It is a PC.

Kados77d ago

SteamOS is just a layer. The main OS is KDE Plasma Linux. You can also install Windows on it. Technically it is a PC.

buffig77d ago

Everyone in the whole world: "It's a PC"
VivaChe: "It's not a PC"

There's just no way of knowing who's correct

Outlawzz77d ago

Listen to this guy. I get a feeling he knows something us simpletons don't


blacktiger77d ago

do you know what PC is? PC stands for Personal Computer. Personal computer can be anything. That's why it's called Desktop, laptop, smart phone, and you can keep going. Linux is the KING

annoyedgamer77d ago

Its Linux. That's more open than Windows.

TheRealTedCruz77d ago

I'll take "people who have no idea what they're talking about, but have a strong opinion on the matter either way" for 500, Alex.

VivaChe76d ago

Ok ok, sheesh. I guess I was wrong. I meant it as more of a question, I probably should have added “isn’t it?” at the end to not sound so arrogant. At least I know now that it definitely IS a PC! Lol

TheRealTedCruz76d ago

Just busting balls, guy. No worries.
If anyone actually takes this game stuff too seriously, they are the ones with problems lol.

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GoodGuy0977d ago

Thisll be great for my backlog, older games, emulation, and slow and grindy games which I really need to get to. And on top of that, I can bring it traveling and itd be less of a hassle than a gaming laptop. All I ever feel like playing on my desktop are modern AAAs and shooters at glorious 1440p and 144 fps lol.
Thank God Nintendo made the switch for there to finally be something like this at a great price.