Kombo: Left 4 Dead Review

Left 4 Dead is one of the most unique titles to release in quite some time. It takes basic gameplay conventions that are common in FPS games and freshens them up with some very cool tweaks and twists. The AI Director is something that is hopefully translated (*cough* copied *cough*) into other games, as it really boosts the game's replay value quite a bit. The teamwork elements in the game make this the perfect title for playing with buddies online on via system link in a local setting. For those that are willing to give the game a fair shot and round up a group of friends, there's a lot to Left 4 Dead that will provide for some memorable and fun times.

Visuals: 8.5
Sound: 9.0
Control: 9.0
Gameplay: 9.0
Lasting Appeal: 8.5
Verdict: 8.5

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