The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Fan-Made PC Port Nearly Complete

Nintendo's beloved classic, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is apparently being ported to PC by a group of modders. Work on the Port is 88.4% complete.

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ToddlerBrain78d ago

If there’s press like this surrounding fan-made releases, Nintendo always swoops in. Best to finish these types of remakes and launch before Nintendo gets heads up. Otherwise there is a good chance nobody gets to play it.

porkChop78d ago

Yeah I've never understood why they always announce them early. If you're almost done then finish it first if you want any chance of releasing it.


I even went so far as to contact someone who made a fan made game, though I forgot the game. I said to them on Twitter why didn't you just host a site on the dark web using Tor? That would be the only solution so your work would never be taken down. I didn't get a reply back LOL.

Inverno78d ago

Most likely Nintendo won't be able to stop this just like they couldn't stop the Mario port since it'll probably be like the Mario port where it's all just code and no assets. Few months back take two tried taking down the GTA ports and they didn't win that case if I'm remembering right. I'm not so worried about this one

Double_O_Revan78d ago

Exactly. I've said it over and over. Stop talking about these games and just finish them quietly. After they're done and out in the wild, talk about them all you want. Once it's on the net there's no getting it off.

camel_toad78d ago

I wonder when it comes to the usual cease and desist if they could just realease it as a torrent.

ToddlerBrain78d ago

If they receive the cease and desist before releasing the code they will get sued into oblivion.

jjb198178d ago

It's done, this won't see completion once Nintendo hears of it, especially since it is on GITHUB. I really want to play the final version.


This group of modders are smart but not that smart. They should have never said anything until it's 100% complete. Once it's done they can make their own website on the dark web and host the game there, and links to torrents on there to. Trust me no one not even Nintendo would even bother to find you on the dark web for a game port lol. There is so much bad shit up there that is still going on for years, and you think a game port would be taken down LMAO 🤣🤣Not in this universe. 🙃

got_dam78d ago

The devs need to stop announcing this shit, and the press needs to stop spreading it around. I bet the will recieve legal notice from Nintendo within a week.