Take-Two has 3 Unannounced Ports/Remasters in Development

3 of these 6 remasters have currently not been announced.

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lelo2play596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

There are rumors they are remaking Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas.

fitofficial596d ago

Ground-up remakes of those games would be killer

-Hermit-596d ago

I wouldn't mind a GTA 3 and Vice City remake. I tried replaying those games and they have not aged well. San Andreas is still excellent though.

camel_toad596d ago

I'd love to see an unapologetic politically incorrect Bully Remake or better yet a sequel.

Army_of_Darkness596d ago

You're excited about a ps5/series X remaster of RDR 2 and GTA5? Lol!

roadkillers596d ago

RER2 is definitely one of them

chicken_in_the_corn597d ago

And none of these unannounced ones will be from Rockstar

isarai597d ago

Most likely unfortunately

Profchaos596d ago

I've been hanging for that since the PS4 generation started

georeo596d ago

Bro don’t get my hopes but could you imagine? Just stop 😢

Abear21596d ago

Yes! Would settle for just 3 as it’s one of my favorite games ever, but yeah the whole series is BEGGING to be remastered. No multiplayer, just linear story and bullet time will bring back that boom bap we all miss

Muigi596d ago

Just give me RDR2 60fps on PS5 please.

seanpitt23596d ago

Yes all I want is RDR2 max Payne 3 and GTA4 remastered would be awesome

Abear21596d ago

R* could just remaster their way through this whole gen and i would be okay with that, still be the best games of the gen lol

596d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.