New PS5 system update finally makes the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset a must-buy

Sony’s upcoming PS5 system update is set to deliver a number of pleasing changes that vastly improve the overall user experience. From expanding the internal storage with an SSD for PS5 to vertical Trophy lists, I’ve been testing out a beta version of the system update for the past few days – and I must admit, many of the qualms I had with the PS5’s UI have mostly been resolved. - Adam Vjestica, TechRadar

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Aloymetal484d ago

Good to hear, can’t wait for this new software patch.

S2Killinit483d ago

It already sounds awesome. I use a different headset but that Tempest 3D is really something.

Gardenia483d ago

I don't have that problem were the headset is too quiet. If any it is pretty loud for me at half volume.
The problem I have is the steps between volume levels are too big. I wish you could make smaller changes.

EvertonFC483d ago

Same, the max volume level is fine for me too, I think the guy needs his ears sryinging lol.

Xaphy483d ago

I have astro a50 and I found those pulse really quiet compared to them.

CaptainHenry916483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

The Tempest 3D is really something special. Now you can use the Tempest 3D for the TV and the Soundbar

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The story is too old to be commented.