Steam Deck Hands-On: PC Gaming in My Hands

Valve's gaming handheld makes a strong first impression.

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Dandizzle80d ago

All aboard the hype train.. choo choo!

frostypants80d ago

I already forgot this thing was coming out. It's Valve's gonna be niche to the extreme.

TheRealTedCruz80d ago

The many people actually excited about it didn't.
And yes, this could be a niche product. It also could be an exciting offering for both PC gamers, as well as people looking to get into PC gaming; and those just wanting, what seems to be, a solid and promising handheld experience.

Livingthedream80d ago

Not into handhelds but very cool. Growing up I always wanted a Sega Game Gear, the thought of playing sonic on the go was great. Most recently I had a nice 1 month trial with a ps Vita and just doesn’t hit the same lol. But hey I’m sure some people out there will enjoy this gem.

lonewolf1080d ago

I'd get one but not for using as a handheld but to take something small and light away with me to hook up to a bigger screen.

northpaws80d ago

I like the concept, I just don't like playing console/desktop games on tiny screens, including the Switch.

Dedicated mobile devices like Vita or DS are fine though, because those games are designed from the ground up to be played on a small screen.

septemberindecember80d ago

I'm sure Nintendo makes a lot of their Switch games with portability in mind.

Old McGroin80d ago

They are working on a dock similar to the one the Switch uses for TV display. Might be ready on launch.

Rude-ro80d ago

It is called a pc 😂😂🤷 27995;‍♀️

80d ago
autobotdan80d ago

This handheld will be perfect for playing Tales JRPGs on the go. This is perfect for me

FinalFantasyFanatic80d ago

I wouldn't mind getting it for my less hardware intensive games like visual novels or older school JRPGs.

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The story is too old to be commented.