PlayStation Plus: Is Hunter's Arena Legends worth playing?

Hunter's Arena: Legends is the latest free game on PlayStation Plus, but is it worth your time? Here are our first impressions.

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Deathdeliverer75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I am having a blast playing the game on my PS5. There was a patch yesterday that nerfed Momo (fan throwing girl) because she was legendarily OP. I work a lot but I have had a few wins before the patch, and a couple wins yesterday in my limited amount of time. You need to shift your thought processes on how you play battle royale games when you play this. I’m as burnt out on the genre as the next man, but this has me interested because it’s so different. Here’s some tips.
1) This isn’t fortnite or COD. I know that LOOKS obvious, but you don’t have a gun (unless you’re momo) so there’s no I saw him first and pulled the trigger so I win stuff. This is a straight up action adventure game. With that in mind…
2) Levels matter tremendously. You get EXP from scrolls in chest, monsters, and players. Instead of the COD/Fortnite way of play that’s proven successful being “I saw someone, time to charge in, chase them down and kill them” you should try thinking more here.
“That character is a tough matchup for me. They didn’t see me so I’ll focus on getting stronger.” Or I soundly beat this guys life to critical levels. If I chase him/her too long I bring attention to myself, risk being low on stamina if someone jumps in, and the longer I chase the more EXP I’m missing out on. Same goes for them. Better off letting this one go.
3) Last piece of advice would be because it’s an action game, combos are super important. Think devil may cry, but nowhere near as flashy. You COULD play the game doing mash attack basic strings, but the effectiveness goes through the roof when you learn the synergy in attacks and make combos. This game has a combo breaker that recharges over time so use it properly, not too soon. But 2, it has a training room. Find out your favorite characters ranges, how you can whiff punish, what your launchers are, and what your most damaging combo could be. That enemy may escape your first combo IF they haven’t used their breaker yet. If they have, maximize your damage and make them pay.
If you want more tips and me on PlayStation. I can send you some clips I’ve taken off some epic kills, or wins I’ve gotten that might help you find your own style or get a idea of the games flow.