Mass Effect & It Takes Two Drives Big Quarter for EA; Apex Legends Propels $1.5B in MTX Revenue

Apex Legends microtransctions has propelled EA's net bookings revenue to $1.5B! Mass Effect & It Takes Two drives big quarter for the publisher.

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ZeekQuattro78d ago

I have no interest in those other two titles but I'm having a blast with the ME trilogy. I never played the original and only played some of the DLC for 2 and 3. Glad it finally game out. It felt like there were rumors about the trilogy being ported over to then current gen consoles for years.

Timzster78d ago

Same sentiments. I'm glad they finally compiled the ME games and released it for those who have modern platforms and have yet to experience it yet.

78d ago
locomorales78d ago

1.5 bi in mtx for Apex. It would be like the game selling almost 22 million copies at a price of $70. Impressive.

ABizzel178d ago

Which is exactly why they're no going anywhere as much as people complain (people who often don't play said game), the reality is there are millions more speaking with their wallet and buying these MTX.

Every developer is now looking for the Fortnite / PUGB / Apex / etc... as they are pure money printing machines.

Nitrowolf278d ago

Yep, and it's a bit of a bad mindset. I mean everyone wants to hit success, but then you overflood the market and in most cases, they make a very cheap product

CantThinkOfAUsername77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Useless skins costing $18 each, what do you expect? The word "microtransaction" has completely lost its meaning.

Aussieguy77d ago

And they still take ages to fix their game hey. Been an Apex player since it first released and they have always been slow fixing the problems in the game and even now there are still a few issues.

NeoGamer23277d ago

It is good news that two games that aren't full of mtx are selling well.