The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3 Impressions

Bethesda's epic Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was expected to bolster the PlayStation 3's launch lineup last November, already eight months after the game's release on the Xbox 360 and PC. But then the game was pushed into 2007, and now the PS3 port of last year's best RPG is finally ready to see the light of retail shelves in March...right around the same time the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game will be getting the first full expansion pack, Shivering Isles. But based on what Gamespot seen recently of a nearly finished PS3 build of Oblivion, at least the game will end up looking noticeably better for all this waiting.

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Maldread4907d ago

it seems like the PS3 is getting a port which improves some of the errors of the original. Hope this is a sign to come for future releases. I think it shows developers need to take better time with the PS3, even though it can be hard when the PS3 owners are probably starved for good games and don`t want to wait any more.

Looking forward for a review of this.

Raist4907d ago

I thought the BRD was s-s-s-s-sloooow !


Well. Kudos to Bethesda for proving that crappy ports are to blame, not the PS3 hardware.

highps34907d ago

Kind of funny everything looks, runs, loads faster and better on the Ps3 than 360.


timmyp534907d ago

that game is a true time a good way though

rjkc4907d ago

one of the best games i ever played