IGN: Who can save the PS3?

For two game generations, Sony established itself as the industry leader: the popularity of the PSone carried over to the rampant success of the PS2. Of course, many people expected a similar situation for the PS3, but the transition for the latest system hasn't been as seamless as people expected.

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PistolPumptMonk3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I think the onslaught of great looking games coming next year will certainly help the PS3's case, as well as the expected price drop.

It's only a matter of time, my friends.

PoSTedUP3654d ago

the ps3 doesn't need saving it is doing good and it just started to profit and the sales are really good for a 400-500$ console in an ecomonic recession competing against 200-250$ competitors ya feel me.

PistolPumptMonk3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Oh yeah I don't think it needs saving either, not saying that at all. I'm just saying that those things will help the PS3 become more competitive and possibly pass some of the competition.

So to answer your question, I do indeed feel you. lol

Wiinsight3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Some of the competition obviously not meaning Nintendo, it's hard to compete when the competition is riding on the wings of Mario, Zelda, and countless other titles that Sony and Microsoft could only dream of matching.

INehalemEXI3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I think the people like *cough* myself *clears throught* who bought the PS3 at or around launch "early adopter's" already saved the PS3....and as PoSTedUP said it no longer needs saving.

The late adopters will push it to 2nd or 1st and it will still be supported in 2013. Sony was thinking PS4 before the first PS3 was out the door.. What else is R&D going to do ?

Capital G3654d ago

the ship has sailed

ps3 has been in last place for three years and the 360 is outselling it 2:1

its time for SONY to start thinking ps4

Jeremy Gerard3654d ago

OK listen, the PS3 peaked at MGS4, that was its biggest game by far, it is the only game with a title so big it transcends to bring in the casuals.

None of the games coming in 2009 will do much for PS3, MGS4 didn't even do much, face it folks that console is number 3 this gen, and it will stay that way.

But should anyone really care? As long as they launch the games that make current and future owners happy, who cares.

PistolPumptMonk3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

It's funny how "number 1" just means most sales to you guys. Do some quick math. If Sony is making more of a profit from selling a more expensive console with less overall sales, who's the real loser?

Newsflash. Business is all about PROFIT. Not sales numbers. So as Sony's game department continues to rack in with PSP and soon PS3, sit back and enjoy. And maybe sign up for that business class at your local community college next semester.

Raptors3654d ago

Even tho I'm not a fan its safe to say the wii is pretty much out of reach for the ps3 and the 360. The 360 and ps3 are siblings who hate each other but for this gen they're going to have to co-exist with each other. The ps3 does not need "saving" but it would help if the price came down. The system is an excellent value but its price is out of the reach for the majority (average).
I know alot of ppl don't like the 360 or Microsoft on this site however its safe to say that MS accomplished what they wanted. Realistically they couldn't have expected to beat the playstation brand, however, they aimed to expand their footprint in the videogame market and they've done just so.
Personally I hope they stay neck and neck so that they put out their best possible products. The people who are gonna benefit the most from this is us gamers.

nycredude3654d ago

Wow check it out, a Wii fanboy!!! Those are as rare as an unbiased gaming site. Woah!!!

acedoh3654d ago

the PS3 would crash with it's $600 price tag. Not one console has ever exceeded with such a high price. With due time the PS3 was selling very well with a lackluster library. A holiday price drop and it seemed many wanted to have one. This year with the economy and $400 base price it has hurt. Although I still think tens of millions of loyal consumers will be ready to buy the PS3 when the price and the established franchises hit.

ps3king3654d ago

I Bet the Ps3 won't make a dime in profit this whole console generation. It definitely has a lost a lot of money in the ps3 development. That is why you see such limited advertisements for PS3, no money left. I bet it is loosing ridiculous amounts of money per console. If it weren't, they'd surely send out a press release to notify share holders that they are not loosing money for each console sold but they are not.

Luckily the PS2 still sells.

But Like MS, Sony has deep pockets too!!! EXTREMELY DEEP AND DIRTY!

tatotiburon3654d ago

lol pistol hahaha, sony is making the most profit? do you really think that the production costs of a PS3 is the same cost of a wii and xbox 360? if you want to know who is really making a profit, ask Nintendo and Microsoft

PistolPumptMonk3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

HAHAHA! Sony doesn't have money to advertise? Wake up buddy, Sony is a lot bigger than JUST their games division. Go do a quick little google search of the fortune 500 and tell me how much higher Sony is than any of their competitors. Deep pockets doesn't begin to describe how much this giant has.

They aren't advertising because they don't NEED to advertise. They are making good money on the PS2 and PSP, and the PS3 is gaining ground all the time. It's very possible that Sony has a massive ad campaign ready to go to support a price drop sometime early next year, or something to promote God of War III or Killzone 2.

All I'm saying is, Sony doesn't need saving and they will be just fine. And PLEASE don't kid yourself, if they want to advertise, they most certainly can. Just because they aren't shoving products down your throat (Halo mountain dew anyone?) doesn't mean they aren't making some money.

GrandTheftZamboni3654d ago

It's' money raked in by PS3 among other Blu-ray players. Sony gets big chunk of it.

MNicholas3654d ago

As a blu-ray trojan horse, the PS3 has already been a success. In addition, it's already proven to sell better than the 360 in both important metrics, weeks since launch (2.5M more at 108 weeks from launch) as well as at comparable pricepoints.

The only reason the 360 is suddenly selling well is because of the massive price drop. Historical sales data shows us that the PS3 has more latent consumer demand than the 360, ie., the market is willing to pay more for a PS3 than for a 360. Therefore it stands to reason that when the PS3 has it's price drop in april to $299 it will outsell the 360 when the 360 was $299. When the PS3 is $199 the 360 will have to be $129 to have a chance to compete. The market simply places a higher value on the PS3. It's the price, not the consumer interest, that's holding back PS3 sales.

In 18-24 months you'll see a $199 PS3. Cell and RSX will be produced at $25 each or less and Blu-Ray diodes, already under $75, will be even less by then. The most expensive component will be the hard-drive!

tatotiburon3654d ago

ok pistol so sony DOESN'T NEED to advertise, ok so do you think that the devs of Resistance and LBP are happy with their poor sales?? yeah they are now "wohoo we sold 200k, while other games sold millions, yeahhhh!, thank you sony, we don't need any advertise, WE HAVE LONG LEGS" hahah

tatotiburon3654d ago

in latinamerica we say: "who can save the PS3? EL CHAPULIN COLORADO!!

--Onilink--3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

To 1.15- well the same way you complain about their logic, it can be said about yours. Just because the system is neck to neck with the 360 in most comparisons is by no means something good to the company that had the type of dominion the last gen. And the fact that they have lost so much people over to the competition and match that to poor sales overall and you've got a console thats in need of changing the course of things(same can be said about the 360 which is running out of possible price drops to produce sales)

The problem i see with most people who own a PS3(at least on this site) and i find it amazing for some1 who might call themselves fanboys, is that they have lowered their expectations so much in regard to almost everything related to the PS3, that everything is fine to them, and people are just pesimistic or too picky, who cares if we dont get enough content on the PSN, its free.., who cares if that game didnt rate higher, that site is biased and there are better games coming, who cares about sales?? they are not important... GUESS WHAT, THEY ARE, if a company doesnt make money then they cant invest on their own products.

And for the record, just because the PS3 is a blu ray player doesnt mean that BD movie sales are going to the videogame department, just because its SONY as a whole doesnt mean they dont have their own different budgets and everything. They could sell 100 million TV's, that it wouldnt have an impact on what they have planned for the PS3.

So my point is people, you cant just let them do anything without critizing it(constructively of course) because nothing is perfect and unless people tell them, they wont do anything about it, and then repeat the same mistakes over and over

Anon19743654d ago

Think about it. In 2 years the PS3 moved 17 million consoles at a much higher price point than it's competitors. At 2 years the 360 had only sold 13 million consoles. I don't remember the "Who will save the 360" articles or the complaints of slow 360 sales at that point, yet this type of criticism is leveled at the PS3 all the time. What gives?

navyguy213654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

and blu-ray uses VC-1 compression technology which is/was developed by Microsoft so they get a cut of sales as well lol

CrazzyMan3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Remember, PS3 is MOST expensive console today. But it WILL have 199-299$ price.
PS3 WILL rule in 2009.
It was outselling x360 for whole 2008, and will do even BETTER in 2009. =)

And these games will make A LOT of people to buy PS3:

KillZone 2
Yakuza 3
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Quantum Theory
Final Fantasy XIII
White Knight Chronicles
Demon`s Soul
Final Fantasy XIII:versus
Tekken 6
Resident Evil 5
Ico 3
Heavenly Sword 2

And there are A LOT of games to be ANNOUNCED in FUTURE. =) Come on, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - 7 GREAT gaming years. (Just for the records, Wild Arms 4, Grandia 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy XII, Tales of Legendia, Valkyrie Profile 2, Tales of the Abyss, Suikoden V, Rogue Galaxy, Disgaea 2, Persona 3, Odin Sphere most of these games were released on 7th PS2 year, God of War 2/Persona 4 on 8th-9th year)

heroicjanitor3654d ago

He keeps spewing crap all the time and it's annoying.. PS3 hasn't even been out three years

ultimolu3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I reckon that you two take some Economic courses because I don't think you're in ANY position to tell Sony how to run their company. What use is it to sell the most consoles and yet not make a single profit off of them?

Danja3654d ago

The PS3 doesn't need saving , by the end of this year the PS3 will pass 20 mill is that doing bad for a system priced at $400.

Sony is about to break even on the PS3 , why lower the price now especially when it's selling so well at it's current price.

I will agree that I would like for Sony to get more aggressive with 3rd party exclusives .

overall the PS3 is selling faster than the 360 was in it's 2nd year ...

Rhoic3654d ago

"They aren't advertising because they don't NEED to advertise."

Denial? Rofl

JD_Shadow3654d ago

...but with that being said, I do think the suggestions in this article are some damn GOOD ones and are worth considering. I would LOVE Sony to stick it to MS a few times to say "hey, two people can play that game". The notion that they even MENTIONED SE as one of those possible companies really was interesting given that alot of people on both the PS3 and 360 side hate the company for saying one thing and then doing another as if they were trying as hard as they could to alienate every single one of their fans.

Before you trash it, please read it. They got alot of good pointers that Sony could use to keep this momentum they got going and really put pressure on MS and Nintendo.

Firstkn1ghT3654d ago

The ps3 is not profiting. It's still losing money with every console sold. They only make money on the software sold but that is also a dud.

Jamegohanssj53654d ago

I still ask myself. What if Sony dropped the price down to 250 bucks for one week? Let's start a riot!


jammy_703654d ago

who can save the 360 in 09 more like!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

You guys can come up with any excuse, spin, or write whatever desperate list you want. Fact is the PS3 is a failure, one game in 2008 has done well "Movie Gear Solid" and Sony can't bank on one hit a year.

SonyOwnsNextYear3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

sales numbers sales numbers, all microsoft throws around these Days. sales are probAbly the only good thing they got going, too bad its all revolving on a pRice Kut and wont last.

this push by microsoft is their saving grace as interest is dwindiling on the pc hybrid....but how low will they go in pricedrops. what is the 360 hw really worth? its old tecK really.LOL.

when people wake up aNd realize that ferrarI manaGes 2 sell way less veHicles Than NISSAN every DAY, and still make a huge profit....

where does the ps3 stand?LOL.....someones in trouble and its not the silent black box.

2 months.

hate_me3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

and so it goes on and on and on. When I did poorly at school, that is precisely what I told my parents. NEXT YEAR WILL BE BETTER, I promise.

edit. but there is only one werstern developer in that list?

solidt123654d ago

I think Sony is doing a great job and I agree with their model which is invest heavily in their first party studios to make AAA games like Uncharted, Killzone 2, and Infamous is looking good. All they have to do is get the price down because they already have the first party game advantage over there competition.

AAACE53654d ago

If you want an answer, I say gamers can save Sony!

You buy the exclusives and thats cool! But Ps3 owners need to buy the 3rd party games in the same quanity as the exclusives... And I don't mean just the AAA titles!

The Playstation brand got it's respect from developers as "You can put any game on the system, and it will sell well!" But with this gen (possibly economy effected), gamers are more restrictive on what they buy.

I am hoping that Ps3 owners start buying more games before the Ps3 gains the reputation as a Nintendo console... "Only the first party games sell well, and third party is almost worthless" type of mentality.

DaTruth3654d ago

If you guys think that competition brings quality you may be right, but all that competition quality is completely erased by people's willingness to buy shoddy merchandise. Yes, when something breaks records on breaking and people hail it as the "Second coming" why would they take the time and cost to make quality products.

@Everyone who's gonna say ohh PS2 disk read error: I remember reading the manual and it said to use a vacuum and clean the vents once a month. Neither me or any of my friends did that at all, so no surprise when we have problem due to dust collecting on the laser.

prowiew3654d ago

another of the same articles. At least this one is from ign and not some lazy blog. My opinion is that sony doesnt needs saving, but they sure needs some help. What 360 have is a nice game attachment rate and that is something third parties love. Also, what sony needs is spending $$$$. Thats what microsoft is doing and is working great for them. People keep saying that ps3 is doom or whatever but is just because nobody expected the 360 doing that well, especially all over the world. Nobody expected the 360 getting support by japanesse companies. Nobody expected the 360 selling more or equal that ps3. the playstation brand was a enormous brand and is not anymore on this generation thanks to 360 and the wii.

CptBach3654d ago

First of all, as a lot of people said before, Sony does not depend on their gaming division (and neither does microsoft). So the title of the article is useless
Second of all, I hate people who say that the ps3 needs a price cut. You know nothing about Sony's strategy and how they are managing everything.
It is actually hard to believe that this article was written by the IGN Playstation team.
Release psone classics?? who's gonna play a game with less than 640x480 resolution. As if this will "save" the ps3.
Plus, what people don't understand is that Sony has a big constraint: the ps3's price. No matter what games you will offer, you cannot outsell a console that is half priced.
I just hope that Sony knows what they are doing and will deliver a price cut when the time is right.

FF7numba13654d ago

well we know soulja boy will save 360 in 09, lol.

Lol profits for MS aren't that much ahead of sony the people think. With the recent price drop and high advertising cost xbox fans need to understand economics.

Sony is breaking even on ps3 and has already turn profit on their gaming division. That ps3 loses some stuff is so 2007. lol Their looking turn profits in march 09 which means their already break even.

Capitol G is just an idiot troll, Friggin trollbox fans.

Tainted Gene3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

"As many Sony fans know, the PlayStation 3 hasn't exactly been a financial success for Sony quite yet. Every console sold has not necessarily led to profits for the company, but that trend is to change soon if you believe what Sony head honcho Kaz Hirai had to say. He believes that overall PS3 operations will start to bring in a profit by the end of this fiscal year -- that's the end of March, 2009. "

Right from the horse's mouth....or so to speak.

xwabbit3653d ago

Wow capital, you really dont know how to count huh ? the ps3 hasnt been out 3 years lol. November 11, 2006 was the release of the PS3, now can count.

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ngg123453654d ago

I mean honestly. There is NO REASON why ps3 has to be more expensive than the xbox 360 by this marginal. I mean it costs the same amount as xbox 360 at launch. It doesn't make any sense why they don't expect that sales are going to be crappy, when it is still overpriced. If it goes down to 250, or 300. Sales will increase dramatically...

PoSTedUP3654d ago

yes but dont you think they would of dropped the price already if it would be more profitable? they dont care about sales right now, they care about profit and the ps3 JUST started making profit, it costs 400$ to make a ps3, why the hell would they drop the price right when they started making profit? so they can go back to losing money? no sir. wrong move. dont worrie about the console war right now man, sony obviously doesn't.

CrippleH3654d ago

There is an actual reason.

The 200 360 is a tard pack with no HDD, no HDMI, and no wireless controllers? that was the arcade pack.

PS3 have to compensate with Built in Wifi, HDMI port, Blu Ray player, and a Hard drive.

ngg123453654d ago

If they want to have a decent percentage of the video game share, and ultimately have some of the 3rd party to support them, then they have to lower the price. They are just basically surrendering the console war if they don't drop the price.

PoSTedUP3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

the market is still up for grabs man, take a look around you, sony has all the time they need, MS just matched their original install base from last gen, nintendo passed theirs but not by that much so sonys market basically hasn't been touched yet, its not time for sony to panic, wii sales are slowly falling etc.

"They are just basically surrendering the console war if they don't drop the price." - you know nothing.... let the professionals deal with this ok. i am not going to reply to anymore of your ridiculous comments.

*sigh* i am going back on my word... i'll make an exception with one more edit just because i am still around, ok here it goes- EDIT @ below- judging from the statements made from microsoft and sony, this console war will be here for another 7-8 years ok. but then again.. what would YOU know...

P.S. if your really worried about your preferred console, worrie about whats best for it, not what you think it should do.

ngg123453654d ago

This generation is over in 3 years....

pwnsause3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

the PS3 needs to make profit first. They are projected to sell 21 million PS3s by March, that is without a price cut. If they cut the price now, sure they will take marketshare away from nintendo and Microsoft, but the the risk of leaving the console market will be blown wide open if they do it. Their investors will sell their stocks since it would have no value whatsoever. Do you want that to happen? They know they have an advantage due to what the console includes, but cutting it now would be their ultimate undoing. Cutting it later when production costs have cheapen would be the right idea.

A successful business is a profitable business. That is the main rule of Economics.

IF they don't make money off of the PS3, think of what would happen to first party companies, or to the PSN. Sony would have to cut them off. They don't want to do that. Why do you think Microsoft is cutting off Ensemble? just remember, they cut them off right after their price cut. coincidence? I dont think so.

You may have the Best car in your neighborhood, but how are you going to pay off all those loans that you borrowed to buy the car?

Scotracer3654d ago

The Arcade has a Wireless controller as standard and an HDMI port. Nothing like miss-information, is there? :|

khellendros13654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

One of the reasons that Sega failed and eventually stopped making hardware was that they panicked when the PS2 came out and they price dropped themselves out of business. It's true that Sony could drop the price but I'm sure they would rather make money than to just come out on top. Think about it, Nintendo got their butt kicked for two generations but because they made money on every system they were able to stay in business and now they are kicking a$$.

acedoh3654d ago

Microsoft already dropped price and it's doubtful they will do the same next year. This gives SONY a large open window with many high profile games releasing. A price drop and some big games including some we haven't really been talking about and the PS3 will be all the rage this time next year. The Wii has nothing new to offer... So the excitement and newness will wear off. The 360 has played it's cards... It's SONY that has been holding back essentially preparing to give the biggest blow in 2009. It may not happen but I do believe SONY follows the traditional ways of a Japanese company and has a very detailed plan for 2009 and probably even 2010.

nycredude3654d ago

How old are you man? Have you a clue what you are talking about. Don't you worry about Sony because they have people who have made it in this business a long time that know what they are doing.

The reason why they can afford to drop the xbox 360 price is:
A) They have been out for 3 years now, one year longer than the Ps3.
B) It is the Arcade version, and lacks pretty much all the bells and whistles that the Ps3 has, so in essence you are getting an inferior console.
C) I'm sure most will agree that The xbox 360's hardware are poorly made and cost much less to construct.

Sony is doing fine with a console that cost double the competition so why would they reduce the price now? They have a long term plan! While MS obsesses and uses up valuable resources buying up exclusive content and massive add campaigns, Sony is pumping out exclusive after exclusive, not to mention they also haven't stop supporting the psp and the Ps2.

You are correct in one statement though, this gen ends in 3 years. However only for MS because they lack the forward thinking that SOny has always been know for.


ThatArtGuy3654d ago

the last two console generations is because their handhelds were saving them.

Danja3654d ago

The reason why Nintendo survived the last 2 gens are because

1. They're handhelds were making huge profits
2. The N64 wasn't a flop as ppl said it was
3. Gamecube was making a profit from day one

AAACE53654d ago

If the Ps3 were priced at $300, it would give the typical consumer the idea that the Elite has more value than the Ps3. It would boost sales, but the damage could hurt the Ps3 overall.

What needs to happen is for fanboys to quit trying to persuade people on N4G to pick up a Ps3, and get their friends, people in the store and whatever gamer they come across to buy one and move into the next gen.

We already know what it can do, and how much great tech is inside it... Tell the people who don't know! I do my part! I have talked people into buying a Ps3! I ask them what they want out of a console, and lead them to it. And that's just from me shopping in stores.

I don't care what console people like as long as they are playing games! I even walked people through the process of what the Wii does and what they needed to play, because store workers don't know how to set them up!

FF7numba13654d ago

for a person with a lot of bubbles your as clueless as the girl in your avatar. Sony cost is higher than MS the reason why Ms drop their price because they can afford to cut profits. Any good business wants to maximize profits to stay in the game.

Sony is switching from minimizing profits to maximizing profits. MS's purpose is derail sony not control the market. Using cheap but similar hardware really works in MS favor.Your average consumer is a dumb ass and will try to save money even if the product is absolute crap. Let me put that nicely, the average consumer doesn't think rationally.

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Wiinsight3654d ago

Nintendo might be able to save it, think they'll sell?

pupu3654d ago

PS3rd place to flop from the patches FACT!

NegativeCreep4273654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Does this fa*got pupu suffer from down-syndrome or is he just a charity case involving a lonely hermit who can't get attention in person?

pwnsause3654d ago

great just what we needed, PP's Gay Brother.

drdistracto7073654d ago

look everyone its pp, quick, take his bubble!!!

Stubacca3654d ago

It's saved me from boredom. It was the ONLY console worth having this year.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3654d ago


Shame you can't have normal Gaming Articles on this site???

+The Wii is rubbish!!! It's for little girls!!! ;-D
+The xBox 360 is for Brain-Dead Thugs!!! ;-D

olivia3653d ago

read all things mention can be put in to thing i learn over the years never count sony out

ProperFunked3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

console wars are lame, why can't we be the PSWII60 people and play together. oh well, lets get thru 09 and we'll see what happens. fvck predictions.

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Graphics Whore3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Why is IGN posting flame bait.

So I guess the IGN Playstation 3 Team is really the Pessimist Party.