Diablo 4: Activision Plans to Drive Engagement “Over Multiple Years”

Activision says they are allocating "substantial resources" to create content that will drive engagement to Diablo 4 over "multiple years." Activision also looking for Diablo Immortal to expand the franchise's reach before Diablo 4 is released.

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VerminSC76d ago

That doesn’t sound good. D3 was such a tedious grind compares to D2. D4 looks amazing graphically but im not holding my breath.

DarkZane75d ago

How about you release it first? No offense, but why do they keep saying they release a game when it's ready, yet it's so full of glitches and bugs when they release. Not only that, but they're taking abnormally long to release a game even with such a big team.

anast75d ago

They are going to Mt this thing to death...

TheDoomedGuy75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

They probably think a real money auction house might succeed this time lol

neutralgamer199275d ago

It probably will because of now many gamers now defend MT by saying you aren't forced to buy them. Look at UBI they have introduced MT in single player games yet they don't get the same level of attention as EA and Activision. At least with EA and Activision they mostly attach MT to online games where as UBI have done it to story driven games

arkard75d ago

Oh yay GaaS Diablo. Pass or buy used

NeoGamer23275d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I am ok with that if they take the approach they did in Diablo III. If they do subscriptions or passes that don't work forever I am out. One thing this does guarantee for me is that I won't be buying it day one until I know their monetization model more.

sourOG75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I’m actually more pumped to play Diablo 2. I’ve never played it. I played a good bit of 3 with the witch doctor but it got tedious at times and I don’t remember if I finished it. It sucks to buy a blizzard game after all of the garbage they have done the past few years but Diablo 2 is legend apparently and I need to try it. Time tested golden era shit. I’ll contribute to going back to that.

Same with the system shock games, I’ve never played those and bioshock is my goat. I’m hyped for old shit lol. I think because developers were different back then. Visceral was sick before EA chewed them up and shit them out. While I do generally vote with my wallet against shitty business there are a few exceptions. I have high hopes for dead space and I f***ing hate EA.

I think Diablo 4 looks fun and I might give it a go one day in the far future. The “final edition” after they sort out all of their bullshit lol. I might get the fancy Diablo 2 version and give d3 another chance with a different character, I haven’t decided. Baldurs gate seems more my style though. I have more fun with the tactical side.

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