Back 4 Blood Open Beta Impressions - Being a Ridden Ain't Half Bad [Wccftech]

The Back 4 Blood open beta offers a taste of the game's PVP experience, which is a quite fun and welcome addition to the PvE experience.

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JEECE42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Let's not get all worked up about the PVP. I'm convinced that the people who wouldn't stop harping about the PVP in L4D2 are the reason we got Evolve instead of a real co-op game.

hackJammer42d ago

some people prefer PvP, some people prefer PvE. no harm either way

JEECE42d ago

It is a harm if the game's (and the dev's) signature mode is PVE, but hype about a tacked on PVP mode to one of their games causes them to go all in on PVP and make a disaster of a game. Which of course is what happened.

BlackDoomAx42d ago

Beta and demos are blessed. Hopefully I tried this one. It's not for me, I'll pass.