The Enduring Legacy of Xbox Live 1.0

Sure, there was online gaming back in the day but the modern age of online video gaming began almost twenty years ago with Xbox Live 1.0.

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Magog1074d ago

The origin of paid online.

PrimeVinister1074d ago

Lol it definitely deserves its mention

franwex1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Haha. Yep. To be fair, I feel that it was actually worth it because it kept a good minimum standard. There was horrible lag back in the day and a lot of cheating/hacking. More so than today.

PrimeVinister1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

That is arguable seeing as how good similar PC services are these days. The lack of cheaters on console is the closed ecosystem rather than extra effort by MS/Sony

XbladeTeddy1074d ago

"To be fair, I feel that it was actually worth it because it kept a good minimum standard. There was horrible lag back in the day and a lot of cheating/hacking. More so than today."

The horrible lag back then was due to peole not having the speeds needed to run games, peoples internet speeds were all over the place. Hacking is as bad today, if not worse than back then. People now have access to sophisticated hacking programmes that were nowhere near as prevalent as they are today. Anticheat software was also available way before Xbox Live and the paid online services became a thing.

I gamed online a lot from 1999 onwards and had great times playing without having issues with people cheating and no one had to pay for an online subscription.

1074d ago

Going digital with 360 and PS3 - Xbox Live Arcade vs. PlayStation Store

"We may take digital downloads on console for granted nowadays but let's go back to when they became popularised and decide which platform offered the superior service." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums1668d ago

Vote for either Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Store at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄


Save the XBLA indie games!

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Snealiv4447d ago

I try really hard to play XBLA Indie games, but they need better ways of promoting the good ones.

Sharodan4446d ago

I usually get my indie games on PC, simply because they're easy to find. I'll have to start making a habit of checking the XBL channel.

maniacmayhem4447d ago

Love the indie games, cheap and full of ideas.

MS should reward the games by giving the devs money to make a full fledged xbl arcade title remake.

Sharodan4446d ago

A grant of some sort would be nice for those indie devs that create top-notch games, but I don't think MS would do it. At least they have the Summer of Arcade and one or two other promotions for indie games through the year.

philpee24447d ago

I find that indie games are generally just not very good. Although, maybe if they got more promotion, more talented developers would move to the platform.

Sharodan4446d ago

I think it's just the needle in the haystack kind of deal. I'm sure there are lots of good ones, but they are far outnumbered by the poorly developed ones.


Walking Dead Episode 1 NerdKO Review

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So, now as I sit waiting for it to finish downloading I’m totally and completely stoked. Since seeing the trailer for this, I’ve been like a child just before Christmas. I want to cheat…I want to peek, but I can’t, I just have to wait for it to finish downloading so I can jump head first into the zombie mayhem!
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