EA is '' very satisfied '' with the commercial performance of Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Analyst Daniel Ahmad says that Electronic Arts positively values ​​the sales of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, despite the fact that there is no official data yet. It is no secret that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has fulfilled the wishes of many gamers, rescuing one of the best trilogies in the history of video games

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Rebel_Scum77d ago

You should only be satisfied if you're able to produce a new mass effect game that doesn't suck tbh. ME:A was shit bar the gameplay and locations that weren't vaults.

NeoGamer23277d ago

Mass Effect had 4 games. One was a stinker and everyone talks about the one and not the other three.

EA experimented a lot to start the last generation and most of the experiments were failures. But, since Star Wars Fallen Order it looks like they have got everything back on track and are going mostly in the right direction.

77d ago
NeoGamer23277d ago

Sorry, I have hope.

Looking forward to the next Star Wars games, Dead Space remake(s), and the next Dragons Age. Also looking forward to more Codemasters racing games.