Gamespot: Skate 2 Updated Hands-On

Now that EA has confirmed Skate 2 for a January 21 release, it feels like the sequel to last year's surprise critical hit is just around the corner. It's a good thing, then, that Gamespot has already covered the basic gameplay enhancements, from all the new tricks you can do, to your ability to get off the board and move obstacles around you. Last week EA took the time to show off some of Skate 2's new online features. These include an ambitiously Burnout Paradise-inspired collection of freeskate activities and an improved content-sharing service to make finding friends' videos much less painful than it was in the first game. In the process of checking these out, Gamespot also had their first chance to skate through the game's entire setting, the newly rebuilt San Vanelona.

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PureGamer3599d ago

looks great. The first one was a GOTYC for me and the second will be aswell.