Deathloop Goes Gold

Arkane Lyon : DEATHLOOP has gone gold! Get ready to break the timeloop on September 14!

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Father__Merrin44d ago

Could end up being a popular online title like R6 seige

Notellin44d ago

This is like Dark Souls multiplayer. Nothing close to a live service multiplayer shooter.

Darkborn44d ago

Less so, it's only 1v1 as far as I know. Dark souls 3 had like 3v3 battles and stuff but it is similar in the roundabout way of matchmaking an enemy.

SeTTriP44d ago

I draw the comparison to.

darthv7244d ago

No one Lives Forever 3 [goes gold]

Servbot4143d ago

Don't say that. Don't give me hope.

spirited44d ago

This looks like spinoff DLC of Dishonoured

CertifiedGamer44d ago

Would be funny if this game got GOTY and Microsoft ends up getting their first GOTY in a decade in a competing platform.

Epicor44d ago

I don't fully get the hate and scepticism this game gets around here. I feel this could be a massive sleeper-hit, as long as the controls are tight and responsive.

darthv7244d ago

From my perspective, people were really anxious for it but then MS bought Zenimax and with it this studio / game. Then suddenly their opinion of it changed. You can draw your own conclusion from that.

EvertonFC43d ago

I'm still not sold on deathloop but will get a friend to shareplay on release and have a go.