Marvel's Avengers, 11 Months Later

TechRaptor writes, "It has been 11 months since the release of Marvel's Avengers. The free weekend got my attention, then the flaws pushed me away again."

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Servbot4143d ago

11 months later and they still haven't even hinted at the development of Spiderman.

Kyizen42d ago

I remember the big deal people made about Spiderman being exclusive to Sony. Bet no xbox fans care about that anymore.

Pyrofire9542d ago

The main campaign was so poorly put together and cringy that I don't think I could ever trust that I'll like this game much. Game felt good and looks great when I played the open beta but from what this is saying and what I hear, it's just gonna tedious.

mudakoshaka42d ago

The protagonist was just too PC and the game was too woke. When you force woke agenda on things, it will turn out crap. I looked up the character Miss Marvel / Khamala Khan, thinking she might be an old character, and Marvel created her in 2013 not long after the acquisition by Disney. Proving my point that Marvel made her in order to ride the PC wave that was ongoing then which had not yet turned into a tsunami.

SimpleSlave42d ago

Oh, NO!! Look at this little SJW Snowflake. What a sawft cock! Go cry somewhere else about your feelings pal. This is not your safe space guy. We don't care you feel insecure about who and what you are chief.

Go on butterfly, get out of here. You're not even and original incel.

mudakoshaka42d ago

@Simple Slave

Wait, what? SJW? Me? Are you being sarcastic? I am critiquing that the developers are SJWs, and force a PC character in the game that made the story and protagonist of the game come off as forced.

RaidenBlack42d ago

The ending of the Hawkeye story was just dull and stupid.
Kinda doubt how good the future Wakanda, SheHulk and SpiderMan stories gonna be.

FlameWater42d ago

It's a shit game, moving on...

Popsicle42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The number of comments on this article are indicative of the level interest in this game. This should have never been a live service multiplayer grindfest/looter. An IP with tremendous potential, but terrible execution.

mudakoshaka42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I concur! And released a bit late, also. Jesus Christ, the first Avengers movie came out in 2012, and they had many years up until Endgame in 2019 to make and release a game while the iron was still hot. I know the game is based on the comics, but they could have taken advantage of the Marvel/Avengers mania that was spreading in cinemas all over the world at the time. If the latest Marvel release is anything to go by, Black Widow, then demand for the franchise has fallen. And that is why nobody cares about the game.

CrimsonWing6942d ago

It’s incredibly biting to play.

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