These 4 things could keep the Steam Deck from being great

This new gaming rig has obviously got a lot of people excited. The Steam Deck looks awesome, but there are a few areas where Valve could do a little better.

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Bobertt74d ago

I believe the reason it doesn't come with windows installed is because they would have to pay Microsoft.

-Hermit-74d ago

"starting at $499 for a 64GB version"

You mean $399

CrimsonWing6974d ago

Game journalism… never ceases to amaze me.

KnowTechie74d ago

Thanks for the heads up on that, a slight typo on our part. It's been edited for clarity.

Tacoboto74d ago

LCD instead of OLED is disappointing, and would help ever so slightly on the battery life - but those are Gen-1 shortcomings consistent with nearly any portable device trying to be price-conscious.

Windows I see as irrelevant, and would be detrimental to the already-limited battery life. This device will run most efficiently on the OS optimized for it. We'll have to see how well the non-optimal games run.

The dock is the lowest concern - Valve already highlighted its compatibility with third-party USB-C docks.

smashman9869d ago

I don't think it's likely that valve hasn't tested windows heavily on this thing. Infact the only reason I think windows isn't installed is because of wanting to keep cost and price as low as possible

NotoriousWhiz73d ago

All this talk about a Linux OS and a lack of Windows and absolutely no mention of Proton, Steam's solution for playing Windows games on SteamOS. It would be nice if it had a dock, but if you have any existing wires for outputting to a TV, you can use those.

Master of Unlocking70d ago

Isn't it possible to install Windows on top of a Linux distro, like a normal app? At least an old version like Windows 7? Not sure as I'm not a computer-savvy person, but I think I read about that on the interwebs once. Obviously it would eat some of the system's ressources so I assume you wouldn't be able to run the most demanding Windows PC games, but surely you would then have access to some emulators only found on Windows and run plenty of cool games with that.