Dead Space Remake Should Go All-In On Dead Space 3's Hallucinations

Dead Space 3's hallucinations were one of its most interesting ideas, so it would do EA Motive well to include them in the Dead Space reboot.

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gantarat545d ago (Edited 545d ago )

The author doesn't say the remake should add coop just Issac shoot some enemy but turns out it's not there.

PS. The author seems to confuse about DS3 Story. He says Issac gets Hallucinations while Carver sees nothing.

jerethdagryphon544d ago

Maybe but I think the hallucinations were caused by the nearness of the monther moon or something

1nsomniac544d ago

I didn’t play number 3 so it’s news to me but yes he absolutely says that Isaac has hallucinations and carver doesn’t have them and you would have to explain this over the mic to whoever you were playing with.

He sounds pretty convinced. Are you saying this doesn’t happen? It’s an awesome idea either way.

gantarat544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

It's opposite.
In the Coop mode, There is a side mission that Carver (Your Partner) has hallucinations while Issac (You) sees nothing.

It's a good experience that peoples say should happen in the whole coop mode.

Inverno544d ago

The smart thing to do is a little of the best of all 3 games so it can be established earlier and have better continuity. That way with the sequels newer things can be added and it doesn't just be a 1 to 1 remake

Glemt544d ago

I thought the whole reason Isaac didn't see these hallucinations that strongly yet in DS1 is because he's not been exposed that long. Adding them like in part 3 would go entirely against the lore and story, wouldn't it?

I hope they don't add too much new stuff that changes the game. The game deserves a proper remake, but does not need a reinvention.

gantarat544d ago

It's more and more strongly in a later chapter (saw and interest with Nicole) Which leads to DS2 event.

eXclurel544d ago

No. Upgrade the graphics and the audio and do nothing else.

EmperorDalek544d ago

Wouldn't be much of a point if that's all they did.

sourOG544d ago

I agree, it’s already perfection. Adding the stuff that was cut and redoing assets from scratch instead of adding polygons, this is fine.

But don’t remake Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp when it was already done right the first time. Everybody knows gene wilder is the only Willy Wonka, put that shit in 4K and call it a day. Save money on a colossal failure and abomination.

MehmetAlperTR544d ago

I do not want anything about DS3 ... in DS Remake !!. Just Remake the orginal game.. No COOP !!

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