The Last Of Us Part 2’s Shamblers originally had exploding butts

The gas they emit would have come from a far more potent source originally.

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Inverno46d ago

Would've liked seeing more types of infected. I really like the idea of infected being exclusive to regions due to weather conditions. A lot of the world building aspects really took a backseat and I was a tad disappointed

generic-user-name46d ago

As much as I liked TLOU2, I agree, I was hoping for more infected types, shamblers were pretty cool but felt too similar to Bloaters (but they're both 4th stage so I guess that makes sense), the Rat King was excellent but just a once-off boss fight, they did make stalkers more of a threat than in the first game which was nice, but yeah, was hoping for more.

I guess you could argue that the first game made it pretty clear there were only 4 stages and this info was known throughout all of the QZs you'd imagine, so in that regards, adding a bunch more stages/types could be tricky. They explained the shamblers with the Seattle climate/humidity and the WLF weren't even sure if they existed so they must be pretty rare.

akaFullMetal46d ago

Ha that would of been funny, kill the shambler and when it falls to the ground watch as it butt blows up a few seconds later. Would definitely piss some people off if that killed you but would be hilarious.

XxSPIDEYxX46d ago

Good to know that even the infected can't resist the taste of Taco Bell.

jwillj2k446d ago

An exploding ass article coming from cant make this stuff up..