Did you miss it the first time?

Ok, Even I went to the Theater to see Dark Knight and I hate going to the movies, due to everyone speaking during the film and bringing the screaming children with them. I would have loved to see the movie at the IMAX but hell the only IMAX is 45 mins away from me. On January 23, 2008 The Dark Knight Will return to theaters near you. The Movie is already the most download movie on ITUNES. Wait what, the movie is not even out. Yes that is right That comment is based off pre-oreders only. You can also expect the BLU-RAY to sell very well and DVD sales to sky rocket.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3628d ago

Bluray sales will pwn dvd, just like iron man did, in union station (toronto) there is a large painting of dark knight on the ground which stretches across the whole terminal. Definitely shows the hype is there. I've also seen many billboards and companies like Futureshop (Canada) and bestbuy are advertising the movie like crazy. Bundles with tv's etc.

GiantEnemyCrab3628d ago

Did Iron Man Blu-ray really beat DVD? I am actually surprised by that.

I expect this movie to break all Br records. My favorite movie this year.

nightfallinicedearth3628d ago

Well union station is always filled with awesome movie ads. Are you talking about the subway station terminal or the train station?. Cause i know they do a lot of the subway station. it always looks so awesome. I cant wait till i pick up this movie tomorrow, heading to the mall at lunch from work to pick it up, should be sweet :)

vitz33628d ago

Friggin Heath Ledger. I hear that jerk didn't even show up for the premiere.

jspc19893628d ago

thats because he passed away idiot!! if you were using sarcasm in your comment then its so misplaced its sad.

lokiroo4203628d ago

jspc1989 did you really just fall for that, whos the idiot?

freeblue3628d ago

my blu ray preorder just shipped tonight from amazon :) i'm excited.. wednesday can't come soon enough :)

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GiantEnemyCrab3628d ago

haha yeah, it's been out for awhile now and the x264 mkv

ViceKingz3628d ago

you should be slapped if you havnt...missing out on the biggest movie this

this decade

aceitman3628d ago

and if ledger was alive would it have done just as good the answer is yes he put his heart into this movie he made this movie no one else could have done his part any better than ledger did i have the collectors ed. preordered and it arrives tomorrow cant wait ive seen it twice at the movies and imax

Bnet3433628d ago

I haven't seen it because I don't like DC, I'm a Marvel fan. Even then I don't like going to the movies because of the same reasons the guy in the article stated.

lokiroo4203628d ago

Ledger could have been outdone by about twenty other actors, ones that are a little more believable at being a ruthless criminal, ledger is so feminine and petite, pretty hard to see him fighting the dark knight get real, Jack is the best Joker and will always be!

XXXCouture3628d ago

that reminded me of heath ledger. its so sad hes dead :( i would have loved to see him in another batman movie

theEnemy3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Wait what ?


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