Nintendo million sellers - August 2021 - debuts for New Pokemon Snap, Mario Golf, Miitopia

Nintendo reported its latest financial results today, and we have the latest look at games on Switch that have crossed the million copies sold threshold. New titles are appearing for the first time.

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ZeekQuattro81d ago

Whelp Mario Kart 8 Deluxe outsold Mario Kart Wii at this point. By March 31st 2022 it will be over or around 40 million at this rate. Truly insane. I'm curious to see how well Metroid Dread will perform on the Switch. It looks poised to be the best selling Metroid game. 2 million shouldn't be hard to pass especially on the Switch where an updated Mario Kart port can go on to be the best selling Mario Kart game.

zacfoldor81d ago

I agree about Metroid, I suspect it ends up selling very well. I'm so much into the 2d metroidvania games now since Hollow Knight, I've even more hyped about this one.