Aliens Fireteam Elite Day One Update Includes Horde Mode and More

Looks like Cold Iron Studios has a bit of a surprise for Aliens fans as it has been revealed that the day one update for Aliens Fireteam Elite will indeed include horde mode along with a handful of visual improvements, and fixes.

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CrimsonWing6953d ago

I would’ve purchased this day one if it had a story and unique bosses. As it stands it’ll be a Black Friday deal kind of game for me.

Bathyj53d ago

You answered my question for me. No single player, no buy.

Epicent3r124953d ago

I'm pretty sure it has a single player mode. The squadmates act as bots. You can play the whole game single player if you choose.

As far as story-I think it's extremely light. It's definitely a "play with friends and have fun" game. I don't sweat the $40 price tag-they're not trying to get full price out of it.

CaptainHenry91652d ago

I agree but the game is only $39.99. I mean I thought they were selling this game for $70 dollars

excaliburps53d ago

@Epi Yep. It's $40. Based on loads of impressions, this is a sleeper hit. Progression, co-op is good, and ALIENS! How fun would it be to stomp on a queen Xeno or whatever with friends. :D

VTKC53d ago

Horde mode, Handful of visual improvements and fixes is the suprise for the Alien fans? Don't you mean you haven't quite finished the game to print on disc so here's an update on day one to rectify that?

ajax1752d ago

I've never even heard of this. Too bad we get this instead of an Alien Isolation sequel...

KillBill52d ago

Not gonna lie... I have never been a fan of Horde modes in most games myself.

monkey60252d ago

Me either. I never play Horde in Gears or Zombies in CoD.

Waves of mindless enemies just bore me.

BlackDoomAx52d ago

I was hesitating between Back 4 blood and this one, but I really didn't liked the beta of B4B. So let's frag some aliens !

monkey60252d ago

Yeah I'm likely to agree right now. The only shame is Alien being 3 player instead of 4

BlackDoomAx51d ago

Yeah, 4 would have been the best.

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