Blue Box Abandoned Screenshots Surface via PSN, Dev Says It Was to “Test PS4 Max Power”

The latest Blue Box Abandoned screenshots have surfaced from the the Hasan Kahraman's own PSN profile, which he confirmed as legit.

Jin_Sakai664d ago

Pretty crazy if you ask me. I’m skeptical of everything to do with this developer and game.

“It was running on PS4 Pro with native 3840 x 2160 resolution targeting 60 FPS with 8k textures. It did work but the PS4 version wasn’t powerful enough to create a full game.“

excaliburps664d ago

Same. Unless it IS tied to MGS or Silent Hill, no way it will live up to the hype the dev created. Unless it's a decent game, which even then, it might get scrutinized too much.

porkChop664d ago

Blue Box existed before Abandoned was shown off though. They had a Kickstarter for a game called Rewind 6 *years* ago, before MGSV even came out. Hasan himself has been on Twitter since 2013. People keep saying he's actually Kojima and this is all a ruse, but there's evidence to the contrary.

fr0sty664d ago

The name "Abandoned" does tie into Silent Hills' development.

Darkborn664d ago

Pretty much. I feel like no matter what the stuff he's said and is doing is all lies and fake cover ups to drum hype.

Nitrowolf2664d ago

i wonder how small it was tbh. Like im sure it was "possible" but it could have been one of those just a one scene thing where everything is crammed in there and if they added more it would break

Timzster664d ago

Sounds like another case of "training exercise" and the PR statement to save face.

neutralgamer1992664d ago

This is MGS and Silent hills

If this was untrue by now Konami, kojima and Sony would have refuted but instead all 3 have added to the speculation

Sony will announce MGS1 remake done by bluepoint games with acquisition announcement attached

And kojima will do SH/PT

Sony won't outright buy the IP's but will have control moving forward for number of years

CaptainHenry916663d ago

Maybe Castelvania too or maybe not lol

EvertonFC664d ago

Surely Sony would have said something if it wasn't though?

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Sonyslave3664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Damn so my man got caught lying lol according to the article. Saying it couldn't run on the ps4 but it did.

fr0sty664d ago

It says it ran on PS4 Pro, but not the base model.

CrimsonWing69664d ago

I’m getting so tired of this cryptic crap. Show us the gameplay reveal trailer so we can stop speculating on crap and move on!

Rockstar664d ago

Even if this turns out to not be SH or MGS this has been fun for me. Although that being said I want both of those things.

repsahj664d ago

...even with ps4 pro screenshot im already impressed, cant wait to watch the actual ps5 gameplay!!! I dont care about the conspiracy, im really excited for this game already!

n1kki6664d ago

I'm just tired of this entire thing. If you have something announce it. But this is just childish and not creative at this point. At this point, whatever it is I won't be buying it.

jwillj2k4664d ago

Stop it. If you were 'tired and not going to buy it' why spend energy typing at all? Why tell us? The reason is you just want to be heard. You're gonna buy it and start moaning again like everyone else.

n1kki6662d ago

Um, yes, the point of comment sections is to voice an opinion, jackass.

Pyrofire95663d ago

Announce what? The game is already announced. This was just some question and answer about an image and old build.

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