Sony Sends Out Gran Turismo Survey in Partnership With Oxford to Discuss Video Games & Well Being

Sony has sent out a Gran Turismo survey in partnership with the University of Oxford that asks about gamers and their well-being related to video games.

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Orbilator51d ago

Yeah I filled mine in today. Was only 10 minutes, some interesting questions for sure.

excaliburps51d ago

There were some that didn't include NA or "none" in it, which made me choose "fake" answers. LOL!

TheColbertinator51d ago

If Sony could put the next GT on PC as well that would be great.

Jin_Sakai51d ago

More PC port begging. It’s getting old.

Vegamyster51d ago

Complaining about port beggars is getting old when Sony bought a studio specifically to port games lol.

Eonjay50d ago

No I say put it on there eventually so I can play this on the Deck. Plus the more money Sony can make off it's games the more high caliber games they will make. Console gamers win.

Shiore2u51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Lmao why. Just wait for Sony to cuckold their userbase some more.
Never has there been so little incentive to own a console than now.

IRetrouk50d ago

👀 nothing wrong with sharing the love🤷‍♂️

Flawlessmic51d ago

Mannnnn im so goddam keen for a new GT , espcially for a return the old school GT which GT7 will be!!

My most wanted game if im being honest!!

SullysCigar51d ago

I'm looking forward to this being fully playable in PSVR2 - it's SO gotta happen!

SullysCigar50d ago

These disagreers wanna place a bet against this, or is it just my enthusiasm offending you? Lol

kayoss51d ago

They probably will suggest i get some therapy once they assess mine.