EA says releasing a new Battlefield game every 2 years ‘probably makes sense’

But CEO Andrew Wilson also says players should “think about Battlefield as a service” and teases "free to enter components"

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LordoftheCritics51d ago

They don't need to give us a reason for milking.

Inverno50d ago

I still don't get the logic of wanting what will be essentially the exact same thing gameplay wise every other year. Y'all know you're just throwing 70 dollars for copy and pasted content with barely any significant changes and having to progress all over again. All that does is kill off a game with more content for a game that you'll need to wait for more content

neutralgamer199250d ago

I am so glad I usually only play SP games because these MP games are like work now with each new update. These companies want to charge as much as possible for new content than release a brand new $70 game on top of it. These FPS are becoming like sports titles: very little updated work but charge full price

EvertonFC50d ago

I like the formula feels solid combat wise, but you get the better gfx and new bells and whistles as the devs get better with the hardware as the gen progresses, what's not to like?
£70 for 2 years of play and thousands of matches and chatting to ya mates and having a laugh is fantastic value for money.

Teflon0250d ago

I understand this complaint for sports games and the yearly release. But outside BF3-4 every BF game is VERY different and have always had the 2ish year release schedule lol. BF4, to Hardline, to 1, to V to now 2048, all very different titles. Unlike alot of titles, BF isn't the time to make that complaint tbh

ikarodemon50d ago

EA as always thinking wrong.

NeoGamer23249d ago

There are a ton of franchises that have bi-yearly games. EA is not the only one thinking wrong.

kryteris50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

They do release a new battlefield every 2-3 years. BF1 and BFV are the same game. Same with 3,4,bfI,II. It's all dlc.

John_McClane50d ago

I don't find them to be the same at all, especially BF1 & BFV.

Teflon0250d ago

BF1 and V are the same !? tf you talking about lmao

MetroidFREAK2150d ago

And I won't buy a game every 2 years

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The story is too old to be commented.