Rift Apart brings ray tracing — and not much else — to Ratchet & Clank | Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "There was a kind of magic in the early Ratchet & Clank games, and then a competence in the later lesser games. The frenetic onscreen chaos of wacky cartoon monsters, smashed crates, imaginative gunplay, and a swarm of bouncing coins was a true joy as we all discovered it twenty years ago. These days, it’s all on offer in a hundred different games. But without the magic or at least the competence, it’s just a flurry of sloppy colors and shapes, a whirlwind of ineffectual nostalgia, absent any innovation, creativity, confidence, or finesse. It took many years, but now that it’s being used to prop up a piece of hardware, Ratchet & Clank finally feels like the soulless corporate property it’s become."

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Nitrowolf250d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Edit: Yikes, imagine complaining about being given an option of performance or graphics. I wonder how the author feels about all the graphical options on PC.

This reads like this person has some sort of vendetta against Sony. Heck look in the comments there

Jin_Sakai50d ago

Can we just ban Tom Chick from N4G already? This guy always has the most ridiculous reviews that contradict the vast majority of others.

Hellcat202049d ago

They banned that idiot Hiphopgamer so I'm sure Tom Chick can get banned as well

1nsomniac49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

“I don’t like that he reviewed a game on my preferred platform badly. I want him banned!”

That’s why N4G is cancer.

He’s not the only person to critique the game for the exact same reason. Personally I haven’t bought the game yet for 2 reasons. 1, for the very reason he’s complained about and 2, I’m not paying these stupid prices Sony is asking for any game.

neutralgamer199249d ago


No he is giving this opinion only to get clicks and start a nasty back and forth. A game can't be 89/100 and get 10/100 that's not how this works

As long as a game is playable and has no major tech issues it's automatic a 5-6/10 and if it's fun you can add few more points

VenomUK49d ago

I miss the HipHopGamer and I'm not even kidding. I would like to see N4G welcome him back.

Fluttershy7749d ago

Why not banning everyone that has a different opinion than yours?

fr0sty49d ago

Trolls always cry about "censorship" when someone actually bothers to do something about their antagonism and willfully misleading people with their rhetoric.

Gameseeker_Frampt49d ago


"“I don’t like that he reviewed a game on my preferred platform badly. I want him banned!”

That’s why N4G is cancer."

That has nothing to do with it, but thanks for trying. Quarter to Three also gave Forza Horizon 2 a 1/5 and Halo 3 a -1/10. Do you support those scores like you do their score of 1/5 for Rift Apart?

Tom Chick only cares about stirring up controversy to create clicks. That isn't reviewing and shouldn't be promoted as such.

DarXyde49d ago

Mate, you can't just go around banning people you disagree with. That sets a very bad precedent. It doesn't matter if someone disagrees with the vast majority. If they can give reasons and some rationale, it is their experience and they may weight it differently than you would... But it's another perspective. Let's not get into the comfort zone of being surrounded by yes men.

Sounds like he didn't enjoy it, and I think a 1/5 grossly underestimates how well crafted the game is. I can only go on what I see though. I don't have a PS5. I doubt I would agree, but the possibility is there, right?

I disagree with him (I highly suspect I do, anyway), but let's not be so brittle that we can't entertain nuance in discourse.

Again, 1/5 is extremely bizarre for a game that looks bloody flawless from my perspective. But I'm not in favor of de-platforming dissenting opinions. At least give people the choice whether they want to give this much credibility. You're basically in favor of cancelling Chick. Seems a bit heavy handed.

fitofficial49d ago

Ban people that disagree with the status quo? Good god.

"Agree with the masses OR ELSE." A lot of us older Ratchet fans didn't like the game. Our opinions are just as valid as yours even if you're too fragile to hear them.

JTShiny49d ago

"A lot of us older Ratchet fans didn't like the game. "
You mean that "Donkey" guy that you believe to be the all end be all in gaming? lol. The game is Great. #Dealwithit.

JTShiny49d ago Show
KillBill49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@Hellcat2020 = HippityHoppityGamer was banned for self promoting on N4G. Is this the case with this 'Tom Chick' guy?

@neutralgamer1992 - what does that say about the poor reviews for 'Ascend' then?

1nsomniac49d ago

I don’t “support their scores” their scores are clearly stupid and click bait. However I have a mind of my own to understand that. What I do think is stupid is people trying to censor it because it upsets their platform of choice.

Fluke_Skywalker49d ago

"Mate, you can't just go around banning people you disagree with."

Isn't that how the interweb works these days?

Kosic49d ago

I'm not sure on the name as I usually watch reviews on YouTube. But as soon as I saw a 1/5 I instantly thought this was a user review looking for attention.
Even if its more of the same platformer sort of game it shouldn't be reviewed so low. Unless the review hated the game and quit shortly in.

darren_poolies49d ago


I'm sorry but there's a difference between critiquing a game, and whatever this crap is. Even if you think it's uncreative and doesn't bring anything new to the table, in what world is it a 2/10?

49d ago
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ApocalypseShadow50d ago

It's just bottom feeder trash.

It's the same when Gamespot tried to pull that BS, "too much variety" nonsense on another Ratchet game in the past.

N4G just needs to fail trash like this that adds nothing to this game site.

dbcoops49d ago

Well since this was literally posted by a moderator I wouldn't expect it to get failed any time soon.

VenomUK49d ago

@ApocalypseShadow. If a game review is SINCERE and properly explains the reasons for the opinion, even if the score is grossly different from the majority of reviews you shouldn't ban it! People are allowed to have a different point of view!

However, if there is a person or media outlet who on multiple occasions does this to get a huge reaction and hits then that legitimately raises the question on whether the review is disingenuous and they are deliberately trolling to get clicks then that should be investigated.

Personally I feel a video game review should be used to express the reviewers SUBJECTIVE opinion, but also games are also judged on their technical quality and a review should be OBJECTIVE when discussing that. So if a game like Ratchet & Clank a Rift Apart is broadly reviewed to be one of the best looking games ever by professionals and public, that is something that should be reflected in the score to help inform others.

In the case of the above review a 1/5 is a 2/10 which suggest the game is a broken or extremely poor quality. Just like a reviewer can review the quality of a video game, their reviews can also be reviewed. If they consistently are of poor quality, ie do not extend beyond discussing their feelings, then that would be a case to reject them for not adding anything helpful to the discussion.

SullysCigar49d ago

^ @dbcoops and take a look at who approved it lmao! X^D

Nice work, N4G - let's continue to make sure gamers are informed and not just feed hate and line each other's pockets... ;^/

Ron_Danger49d ago

Same reviewer gave a free to play deck building game a perfect score. He’s just a troll.

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P_Bomb50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

“It’s my understanding that if you play some generic platformer demo called Astro Boy or something, you’ll appreciate what the PS5 controllers might one day possibly add...”

The comments section just keeps on giving.

49d ago
solideagle49d ago

I dare him to do this to Nintendo's first-party Exclusive like Zelda or Mario. 2/10 and it's on meta as well. Rift apart has average 88%. I can understand his/her opinion sh*t but remember in the gaming worlds review scores matter and sales are impacted by it too. I think it's time for Meta to have credibility score or some sort of algorithm which can ban such reviews which is waaaaay lower than average...

kneon49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

When tabulating an overall score it should handled similarly to many judged sports. Drop the top and bottom scores from the total. In this case maybe ignore the top and bottom 5% of all reviews. That will eliminate most of the blatant haters and fanboys and give you something closer to reality

KillBill49d ago

"Edit: Yikes, imagine complaining about being given an option of performance or graphics. I wonder how the author feels about all the graphical options on PC." - he talks specifically on this in the article. Did you not read it? The point of the issue was actually in direct regards to console vs PC and expectations of each in such regards.

Dfooster49d ago

It's highly unlikely the game is worthy of a score of 1/5. Surely that score is for shovelware or games so broken they can't be completed due to technical issues. There is zero point in reading the review if the reviewer can't be remotely realistic

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TGGJustin50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

This clown is still on Metacritic too and I see the 2/10 has already been added on there. He just sets out to trash really good games all the time.

Jin_Sakai50d ago

Metacritic should remove this guys reviews. How can anyone take his crap reviews serious?

Majin-vegeta50d ago

From my understanding.They pay to be on metacrtic

coolbeans49d ago


Metacritic's review editorial team assesses potential candidates and selects the ones they like. I've never seen any indication about having to dole out $$, so I'm not sure where you got that information.

John_McClane49d ago

I thought people were allowed to have an opinion, guess I was wrong.

Jin_Sakai49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

“I thought people were allowed to have an opinion, guess I was wrong.“

Anyone can have an opinion but this guy is out of touch when reviewing games. His ridiculous scores shouldn’t be allowed on Metacritc. Most of these great Developers don’t deserve his crap reviews.

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Fluttershy7749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

There's nothing you can do, or even Metacritic... He doesn't like the game, he's giving his opinion (and even his arguments - that you completely disagree with -) and finally his rating, you can't ban him just because he gave your favorite game a low score. He's not breaking any rules, just really don't like the game. And again, there's nothing you can do. Just don't read him.

randomvoice49d ago

That is a BS argument. As a reviewer, your reviews should be objective free from bias. The onus is on Metacritics to make sure they don't allow any random Joe's review off the internet who clearly seems to have a vendetta against a game/company. The whole review is just clickbait. The writer knew that no one would give a shit about the review months after its release so they sought out to give it a 1/5 to get the clicks. Some of the points he brings here are absolutely garbage like having the option to change from Graphics to Performance mode. How is giving users an option a cons? I'd take the review with more credibility if the reviewer consistently gave games low scores but there is a clear pattern here.

I know folks from the Xbox camp upvote this shit but this sets a horrible precedent. Check the uproar when Halo comes out and some random Sony fanboy will give it a low score that it might not deserve.

KillBill49d ago

@randomvoice - though I don't agree with the low score (I see a 1/5 score as being only for a game that is seriously broken) I do agree with near all of his assessments in the article on the game.

boing149d ago

It's not a review then, but a subjective rant.

Snookies1250d ago

Can we just not pass this article? This moron doesn't deserve the attention.

TGGJustin50d ago

I'm not approving it. I hope no one else does either. Let it fail like it deserves to

MaximusPrime_50d ago

According to previous submissions, most failed because of lack of approvals and only one did get approved. I'm not approving either.

SoulWarrior50d ago

I;m sure a few of the usual suspects will be rushing to approve this as soon as they see it *coughorchardcough*

Regardless of anyone's opinions on the game, Sony or whatever else, just look at the guys comments and replies on the review, he is a flame baiting childish troll, lets not give this joke of a review/site anymore clicks from here.

P_Bomb50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

“Now we get to futz with graphics settings. Now one of the main selling points of console games — designers designing to specific hardware — is gone.”

Wait what? Console audio has had even more options for far longer. Don’t buy a receiver Tom.

yeahokwhatever49d ago

Gran Turismo 4 can be played in 3 different resolution settings. G-Police had a slider for draw distance, ON PLAYSTATION 1.

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