The 7 best co-op shooters in 2021

From Xfire: "Grab a couple of friends and enjoy some of the best co-op shooters available today."

BlackDoomAx937d ago

As I didn't like the Back 4 blood beta, all my hopes are on Aliens fireteam.


GTA Online’s Rockstar Editor gets cut, but only for PS4 and Xbox One

It’s a wrap on Rockstar Editor in GTA Online, at least for PS4 and Xbox One players, as the popular creative tool is set for deletion.

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The story behind Portal: Revolution — A fan-made prequel to Portal 2

Chris Brandrick, writing for overkill, speaks to Stefan Heinz, the lead developer on Portal: Revolution, a new fan-made campaign prequel to Portal 2.

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StalinSupremacy41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

valve suck so much at making games now, opting just to smaug on top of an enormous pile of money,
that fans got so desperate that they have to make their own games.
this industry is fucking over.


GTA Online Weekly Update of January 11 Brings Bonuses to Tow Truck Missions

The weekly update of January 11, 2024 for GTA Online brings several discounts for many cars and bonuses to those with a Tow Truck.

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