New World Delayed Again

The Official New World Twitter account announced today at 1:16PM that New World’s launch, previously planned for August 31st, 2021, has been delayed until September 28, 2021. This is just another of many New World release delays.

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Darkborn43d ago

Next I'm guessing will be it's cancelation.

vergilxx343d ago

Or maybe they just want to get it right

Darkborn43d ago

They've canceled all their games but this one. I'm guessing because it's an mmo and they pumped so much into it already.

Spenok43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Nah, less than 1 month isn't that big a deal. It's mostly to address the issues with the closed beta. Which weren't THAT many. It's a solid game too, it just needs a bit more attention in a few areas that was exposed by having so many people play it.

I expect it to do quite well. Regardless of what Asmogold has to say about it.

Thunder_G0d_Bane42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Played beta got to level 21 as a wow player I’ll say it new world is fantastic. The pvp is sooo fun.

I’m in for launch. Sad about the delay but I understand it. They nailed the fundamentals for an mmo. GAMEPLAY.

Spenok43d ago

Delays only make games better. And while not everything wrong with it can be fixed by this short delay, it will allow for a smoother launch.

1 more month isn't that long.

B68W43d ago

Tell it to Cyberpunk. Didn't get better, just got less worse.

Vegamyster43d ago

You played it before the delays?

bradfh43d ago

Cyberpunk is forever bad, when your game lauch before its ready you will always will have a bad game even if they fix it you cant fix a bad rating.

Darkborn42d ago

I saw the game before the delays and every time they cut more and more content out to facilitate the last Gen consoles.

Mr_GoolyPunch42d ago

"Less worse" literally is "better"

B68W38d ago

@Mr_GoolyPunch Negative. If I hand you a shit sandwich, that's bad. If I put mustard and cheese on the shit sandwich it is not "better" it is simply more tolerable than it was before, "less worse." Now, if I take the shit off of the sandwich and put turkey on instead, that would make it better.

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TheHan42d ago

I’m sure they are passionate about this game and wanting to make the game right.