Siliconera: Persona 4 Interview With Atlus USA

At last Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is shipping to stores tomorrow. The wait may have felt like forever, but only five months passed since Persona 4 launched in Japan. This is quite an accomplishment considering Persona 4 has around one and a half times more text than Persona 3 which Atlus USA had over a year to work on.

Despite the tight production schedule Siliconera was able to squeeze out an interview with the localization team to discuss topics like Teddie's puns, the tough trivia questions, and the possibility of seeing digital releases of the PSOne Persona games.

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TheColbertinator3601d ago

I like how they avoided the question about more PS2 games from Atlus.A rumor did come up that SMT was in development for the PS3 as well