Rise of the Argonauts - New screenshots

Codemasters published some new Rise of the Argonauts screenshots. Check them out.

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Who will give this sh!t any fu*king importance? GOW3 will be shown in only 6 days, and this is the REAL DEAL. Someone is starving from hunger, waiting for a huge cow, and you give him a fly? It is almost sadistic!

I commited a sacrilege by playing Legendary and Beowulf-the game(the lame) a while ago, and I will never repeat it! No one must dare using the ancient times like a setting for his games especially the greek mythology, otherwise he will be decapitated By KRATOS!

Lucreto3600d ago

This game is out in Europe on the 12th but not in the UK until next year. Does anyone know if that includes Ireland?