Where did the first-person shooter in-game announcer come from?

The Outerhaven writes: Did you ever think about why your favorite first-person shooters have an in-game announcer? The one that is screaming on the top of its virtual lungs when you're out there, fragging everyone in sight? Double Kill! Triple Kill! Mega Kill! I'm sure you're familiar with those and much more, but did you ever wonder where it all started?

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XxINFERNUSxX486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

My favorite is from UT2003/2004, "Holy Shit!" Not the best quality but it has all the best phrases 😀 I played the shit out of UT2003/04, I always felt those were the real games with skill, along with Quake 3 of course. We need more games like that to make a come back no more hero shooters and battle royale shit. I can only imagine if FATAL1TY had the tech we have now back then with 360hz monitors, 4000hz keyboards, & 8000hz mice, he was already a legend then without any of that, he would certainly be on a whole 'nother level with them 🙃