Man claims Xbox 360 scratched games in suit against Microsoft

A Madison County man has filed suit against Microsoft Corporation, alleging his Xbox 360 console has destroyed three games by scratching them.
Jason Johnson purchased "Rock Band," "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Rock Band 2" to play on his Xbox 360, all of which worked for a time but began to display "Disc Unreadable" errors after several hours of use, according to the complaint filed Dec. 4 in Madison County Circuit Court.

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Capital G3601d ago

this is fake

jasper made is so that 360s have no problems

report as fake

falcon3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

you should read the whole article before saying it's fake. and that is not the first time ms have been filled suit for the same problem.

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Stop spamming, this isn't fake. Even with the new Jasper models these problems still persist.

mohib-uddin79865323601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I dont like your avtar (the first guy)

also when Square merged with Enix on April 1st 2001 everyone thought it was a fake joke.

When they merged they changed locations and moved 50 miles away and lost a lot of employees. i know this becuase i was a fan once

ViceKingz3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

nice mugshot. how long you in for? life in jail for child molesting? awfully nice for the corrections officers to give you access to the internet. dont drop the soap.

rroded3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

not only to me either
besides not only does jasper not fix this lots of us pre jasper buyers left.

Really hope ms gets raped on this so they finally own up to it got a half dozen games they owe me.

ultimolu3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Good God, heaven forbid someone makes a complaint against a company. Oh no, that company can never, everrrrr go wrong.

Are you serious...

Read the damn article first before you backpedal into defense mode. -__-

ape0073601d ago

360 scratch disks like no other

I swear to you guys,please believe me,cod 4,crackdown,sr1 and winning eleven 2007 were BROKEN after been massivly scratched

uncharted is still shine like new

I love my 360 so much,am not a fanboy

luckily ms add the amazing install game option,which decreases those things

Wicked Sick3601d ago

YOU are FAKE, now silence you tool.

rajman3601d ago

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and counting........

vitz33601d ago

37 and a bubble popped and counting. Go people!

INehalemEXI3601d ago

I don't know what this is about yet but ive had 2 360's that scratched discs and the second repair/replace cost me $99. This was back in 2007 though.

Microsoft Xbox 3603601d ago

Jasper is not even confirmed to fix the known problems.

GiantEnemyCrab3601d ago

You tell him it's not fake and then completely lie with this statement:

"Even with the new Jasper models these problems still persist."


Give me one link to a Jasper that has RROD or caused a disc error.

You probably think every 360 has the same DVD drive in it. The Hitachi which were the ones originally reported as scratching discs have not been put in 360's for well over a year now. Unless you buy a used or refurb you will not see the Hitachi drives.

Rob0g0rilla3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

My friend anthony's 360 scratched his madden 09 game to hell. It was a perfect ring scratch. Luckily he had a warranty with best buy. They replaced the 360 and the game.

I don't blame this guy. I don't care if it's Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony. They should get sued for this crap. He's not the only one who went through this.


Standing 360 = 100% chance of scratched games so dont stand it up like a computer or Wii you should follow the advices in the manual that come with the 360. BTW I dint read the article.

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jack who3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

"Dont not move the console while game is running"

case dismissed

ppl really need to read Manual's

CViper3601d ago

disc didn't scratch..

Most new-age dvd players secure the discs so they dont rub against stuff inside. Its a basic engineering solution.

ViceKingz3601d ago

he didnt move the console rtard. and yet its still scratching the discs.

buy a ps33601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

if ppl who bought the 360 read manuals (like the console buyers guide manual) the 360 sales would still be at 0.

jack who3601d ago

@ViceKingz yea it sure scratching the discs without moving it../s

drewdrakes3601d ago

I dont move my console and ive had a disc read error on my gears 2 disc twice already. For anyone this happens to get a bit of Brasso and polish it up, works like new (until it gets scratched again...).

ViceKingz3601d ago

read the damn article jack off

Elven63601d ago

I can confirm this issue since my Xbox did this as well (A RROD replacement) but Microsoft replaced it free of charge (Got it Day before Halo 3 :)). Unlike this guy I wasn't stupid, the moment I heard a grind on my Bioshock disk I sent it in. This guy for some reason waits until 3 of his disks are totaled before doing

darkdoom30003601d ago

what? people actually read the manuals?


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CrippleH3601d ago

The man gone through 2 system starting from 2006.

BBC did a report on this long ago and it does occur.

The man got balls I hope he wins his 50,000 that's chuck change to MS anyways and it'll aware some consumers.

Sony got sued for the PS2 faults why not MS? because they are one top richest corp.

Anon19743601d ago

My 3rd 360 console did the same thing. I had 2 rrod, then the replacement they sent me started scratching disks. I didn't notice until a couple of weeks had gone by and 3 of my games wouldn't play. MS tried to blame me. "Sir, are you moving your console while playing?" Yeah, I've perfected playing with one hand, poking my 360 with a 8 feet long stick with the other. They told me disk scratching was only covered under the limited one year warranty and not the 3 year and because my original 1 year warranty was up, even though they only shipped me that unit a month prior, I wasn't covered under warranty. They wanted $170 cdn to repair it. That's when I pointed out my extended warranty and they reluctantly agreed to replace it. I'm on console #4 now. XBL gamertag DarkrideHex66

"However, "the Xbox 360 was not of merchantable quality or safe or fit for its intended use, because it was unfit for the ordinary purposes for which it was used, because the Xbox 360 cannot play any discs during normal use without permanently damaging those discs," the suit states."


Lord Anubis3601d ago

it's already been proven Xbox 360 with older drives scratches disc.

clevernickname3601d ago

Thank you for pointing this out. Older versions of the 360 had problems with their DVD drives scratching discs during NORMAL USE because the drive manufacturer omitted the lens pads that every other optical drive on the planet employs to protect discs from scratches of this type.