The Ascent Sales Rack up $5m Over Launch Weekend

The Ascent sales are doing pretty, pretty, pretty good for indie publisher Curve Digital, and is already breaking records after its launch weekend

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Lightning77125d ago

"So yeah, a small team of 12 made $5 million in sales over the weekend. Not bad eh? What's interesting about it, though, is this is in addition to the money paid by Microsoft to get The Ascent on Xbox Game Pass. This made the game more widely available to players, and hasn't decreased The Ascent sales by any appreciable amount, instead appearing to help power them through with increased exposure."

Gamepass Strikes again.

Orbilator125d ago

I never heard such rubbish, game pass increases player base it does not help with sales. Where is the evidence on how much Microsoft pays a company to put a game on game pass?

agnosticgamer125d ago

Many times the exposure of Gamepass has proven to increase sales because the games are sold at a discount while on the service and sales are also moved by word of mouth through friends who play it on Gamepass.

"If I take the month before we went into Game Pass, and compared it to sales of the game last week, we're now selling around five times as many units each week as pre-Game Pass, on a weekly basis," he said.
"Since we went into Game Pass, our total Xbox sales have tripled."

Square Enix

"In addition, we have been pleasantly surprised as the digital sales ratio for the title have been very high, and the number of active users has also beaten our expectations.

"We believe that our decision to make Outriders available with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass as soon as the title launched also worked in our favour."

Is every game like this? definitely not. But I believe you are way wrong about GamePass not being able to help sell lots of copies of games.

DJStotty124d ago

"game pass increases player base it does not help with sales."

You can buy the game via gamepass at a discount buddy....

darthv72125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

i been meaning to give this a try. Just been flying around in FS more but i will get around to this.

Germaximus125d ago

wow. Congrats to the devs. I've only played about an hour of it but it's a damn impressive game so far.

Anomander125d ago

The graphics are amazing... I just want to stop and look around and admire the sites at times and look at all the details!

thesoftware730125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Nope. GP only hurts Developers


Great for this dev, my brother, son and I have been having a fun time with it so far..

Vengeance1138125d ago

That wasn't the context at all on why GP hurts developers. If The Ascent cost upwards of 100M to make... then yes, GP would hurt them. But The Ascent is the perfect kind of game to put on there since its small and inexpensive to make.

strifeblade125d ago

Did you see the game? The skinny of work in graphics and detail is insane for a game of its kind. No way that's low budget

Redemption-64125d ago

This game is also on Steam and the last time I checked, GP is not on Steam. The devs did say the game rose to the top of steam chat. I would guess this type of game actually would sell more on PC

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The story is too old to be commented.