Activision: People Our Greatest Asset, "Couldn’t Be More Committed" to Improve Work Environment

Activision CFO states how "people are our greatest asset," and how the company "couldn't even be more committed" to improving the work environment.

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Orchard45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Actions speak louder than words. Let's revisit this in a few months and see if there is actual change.
There is no space for this kind of garbage in the industry.

jznrpg45d ago

Short term change is something they have to do but will it go back after this is forgotten about.

XiNatsuDragnel45d ago

I'll keep an eye on you Activision. I hope you're right.

Inverno45d ago

Committed only after being fully exposed. That's not how improvement works, and they're only gonna give into demands to take some of the heat away from themselves. After that they'll go back to not giving any fks about their workers. You want real change? Leave in mass. Hurt them where they care the most, money. Without workers they can't continue a business, and investors will vote out all those in charged who allowed all this shite to happen in the first place

sourOG45d ago

That would require actually leaving though. Not taking a Wednesday off for lawsuit optics.

Kaii45d ago

"People Our Greatest Asset" > Hires Union prevention squad = could've fooled me

Seraphim45d ago

"People are our greatest asset." Ok, now that you realize that perhaps, just maybe, it's time to increase the pay of your frontline. You know, the guys and gals busting their ass to actually make your games. You know, since they're you're greatest asset, instead of giving these outrageous compensation packages to the CEO that reaps the benefits of their hard work. You can spit all the bu!!shit out your mouth as you want but until there's fundamental changes it's just more empty, meaningless, corporate PR that leaves the taste of bu!!shit still there.... And naming a woman as co-head doesn't mean that your frat boy culture or bro culture will change. That's another move that cries optics.

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The story is too old to be commented.