'Watchmen' Mobile Game Screenshots Show The Comedian, Nite Owl And Dr. Manhattan

From Splash Page:

Last week, we brought you news that Glu Mobile will be developing and publishing a "Watchmen" game for mobile phones based on the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking graphic novel. While details about the game are scarce thus far, MTV is thrilled to be able to give you your first look at the "Watchmen" mobile game with the following pair of exclusive screenshots.

The "Watchmen" Mobile Game is scheduled for a launch next year in conjunction with the March 2009 release of the film, so keep your eyes here on Splash Page for more news about this project. Glu Mobile has also told MTV that the game will be available for all wireless service carriers and will be "supported by a suite of personalization content."

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