UGO: Dear Guerrila: Killzone 2's Controls

UGO writes: "We had some troubles with our Killzone 2 preview build, but thanks to a new build that showed up today, we were able to get it running.

I'm not going to talk about the overall game here, as I really only dipped my toe into it. I will, however, talk about the controls. Controls that, if there's a god somewhere in our realm, will be altered before the game's release next year.

Lets talk about crouch, first. Crouch is assigned to L2. Not great, but fine. Personally I would've preferred to place it on Circle, but so be it. Crouch is also not on a toggle, which is inexcusable. Have you ever tried to hold down L2 or R2 on the PS3 for an extended period of time? Thanks to the convex shape of the triggers, your fingers slip and slide worse than Michael Phelps at one of those Vegas bubble parties."

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Blaze9293654d ago

Why not just put in Custom Controls?

Cyrus3653654d ago

It does allow custom controls, and lets you set each button to pretty much how you want it.

Blaze9293654d ago

then wtf is the author of this article ranting about

xwabbit3654d ago

some people are just dumb apparently :/

Elimin83654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

He should know. Doesn't he have the trial version and if control customization isn't included wouldn't he know something like that seeing as they gave them a build to try out..?

sonarus3654d ago

I don't know about custom controls but beta users already complained about that stuff and guerilla already promised it will be fixed in the final build of the game

legendkilla3654d ago

i really liked the controls in the beta! i never had any problems with them

freeblue3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

i played the beta.. the control is great,, only problem would be switch the zoom and crunch button placements

uie4rhig3654d ago

and L1 being on toggle for zooming.. looks a lot like the Resistance's control scheme..

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gw4k3654d ago

Let the player choose. Don't make this game force you to play with bad control set ups. This is the PS3 we are talking about, we can have the controls the way we like can't we?

Kleptic3654d ago

the developer 100% confirmed in the beta forums that the final game will have toggle/hold options for crouch and iron sights...and will be fully can make any button do whatever you want...

I'm surprised that GG didn't mention this to more of the previewers before its just unneeded negative aspects towards the game, as they already confirmed to be adjustable for the final build...

whatever thing you'll always see with killzone people making unfounded opinions based on barely playing it...this isn't any other shooter...its killzone 2...while I dislike the default toggle for iron sights in the beta...the L2 crouch option works fine for me after I got used to it (no in CoD 4 i'm constantly hucking stun grenades by accident)...nearly every person that put more than 30 minutes into the game comes back finding the controls more than acceptable...its just that, at first, they are unlike other titles...

the iron sights were my main concern though...toggling that on or off drives me crazy...I like holding L1 for sights, then releasing for normal hip firing...not tapping L1, or worse...R3...and tapping it again for releasing it...

ThatCanadianGuy3654d ago

Wow..this guy..Cry more? As stated above.Custom controls for the win!

TheHater3654d ago

Some people just don't like to do their research for their article. It sad really.

Ju3654d ago

They just like to generate hits. Put anything KZ2 up and you guarantee a site hit.

iCallShenanigans3654d ago

he says... "I'm not going to talk about the overall game here, as I really 'only dipped my toe into it'..."

but yet he has ALL that to say about the controls?


CrippleH3654d ago

GG has confirmed custom controls last week.

HungPHAT3654d ago

Let's hope they fix them up a little more , I'm sure they will

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