Sony Has Secured Enough PS5 Chipsets to Achieve Fiscal Year Sales Target

During Sony’s conference call, CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the company's ability to manufacture enough PS5 units to match its targets.

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waverider663d ago

So how many consoles Sony wants to sell 14.8 millions or 22.6 millions? how many have they secured?

Abriael663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

Over 14.8 million in this fiscal year (from April 2021 to March 2022), which would be 22.6 million since its release.

Incidentally, they said "Over" so they really haven't disclosed the specific prediction, just that it's above that number.

waverider663d ago

thats a crazy number, but nice to know that they already have so many chips. More gamers will have the chance to get a PS5.

Seraphim663d ago

The article I was reading earlier stated that they're on pace for something like 22 million by years end. Having sold something like 10-12 through the first half. Forget the specifics but yes, it's roughly 22.6 million or whatever total by years end that is their target goal & something they are on pace to achieve...

Darkborn663d ago

All they need to do is assemble them and they are guaranteed sales. That's crazy how they got them though.

jznrpg663d ago

Nice . Their goals are above 14.8 million and secured more than 14.8 million so PS5 hopefuls be on the look out . Scalpers can go suck it ! They are going to release a lot of consoles in a short time .

alb1899663d ago

I don't care about their goals, I just want to buy the freaking console.

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