Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and MLB The Show 21 Exceeded Expectations; Sony Comments on Acquisitions

During Sony’s quarterly conference call for investors, chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki talked about the PlayStation business.

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Orchard75d ago

"Totoki-san mentioned the fact that MLB The Show 21 was sold on platforms other than PlayStation, following the “Initial success” seen by Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone on PC.

Totoki-san also mentioned the acquisition of Nixxes, which has “excellent technology for porting game software between different platforms such as PC.” Sony expects that “Nixxes will offer technological support to all of its studios in a horizontal manner.”

It's becoming more and more clear (if it wasn't already crystal clear) that Sony games are going to be coming more frequently (if not always) to PC and likely earlier than before too.

Darkborn75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Yes, but not day one. It'll most likely be a year or so after release and we're not sure if it'll be every game, or just select games. I don't think nixxes can port every game right away all the time, they aren't that big of a studio I believe and they are hiring a game director for a project. Maybe if bluepoint joins in or something though.

Lightning7775d ago

Sony isn't going to buy a whole porting studio just to have a "select few of games" ported over to PC. If that's the case they could continue to port the game's on PC themselves.

I personally think Sony's first party will hit PC 4 to 6 months after the PS5 release.

Darkborn75d ago

OK, we can speculate all day and that's the point. It's all guessing, we don't know about a lot of things until they are officially announced by Sony. They didn't say much but this is a support studio for sure. Yes it's a porting studio, but who knows, they also helped other studios as well as guerrilla games for killzone shadowfall way back at making games run better, not just porting or that game would have been on PC as well. Have you seen or bought killzone shadowfall for pc?

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Not coming day one changes everything for me. As a PC/PS5 owner I'm not willing to wait a year or so to play PS5 exclusives. Maybe if I didn't own a PS5 I wouldn't have a choice but to wait. But the reason why I bought a PS5 was to play all of their exclusives day one. If the time ever comes (Playstation exclusives day one on PC), I'll trade in my PS5. But I just don't see Sony releasing their exclusives on PC day one.

I highly doubt it will hit PC in 4 months but 6 months to 12 months is possible. Sony is going to try and make all the money they can before they release it on PC though

ABizzel175d ago

IMO they're going to wait between 6 months to a year, up to 2 years, to never depending on the game / franchise.

New IP's are likely to all start coming to PC, how soon will likely depend on how well it does on PS5. If a game is a slow burner or tanking, then get it to PC in 6 months. Considering most PlayStation games come out Spring / Summer, then it falls in line within the holiday season for PC where people are looking to spend money.
Ex: Destruction All Stars (needs it ASAP)

If the IP is successful on PlayStation then it'll probably be 1 year maybe 2 depending on how successful it is.
Ex: Horizon, Days Gone, Death Stranding and Multiplayer only games / modes are possible

Finally there are those flagship franchises that will probably never make it to PC, because it sells so well on PlayStation anyway and is so iconic to the brand.
Ex: God of War, possibly Uncharted, Ratchet, etc...

Finally with Nixxes, I assume they're going to be porting a bunch of PS4 and PS5 games over along with the help of Sony's studios, to make sure multiple projects are going on at once. They are not a big enough team to port everything on their own.
Dreams (needs to be on PC), Concrete Genie, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne (just for a 60fps PS5 version), and Spider-Man (doesn't need it, but it's millions more sells)

Lightning7775d ago

@Captain your favorite platform is PS5. If there games do release day and date ( I high doubt will happen) that should never be reason to turn away from PS5. If that's the one console you play your games on then have it, no reason to feel torn to go to PC. Plus the SSD is unmatched on PS5 so the superior version will be console anyway for a good while.

6 months is plenty of time to let PS5 take most of the sales. Say if Rift Apart released in October or December. That won't hurt the PS5 buissness at all, it'll elevate the longevity of the game and make more sales. An expanded ecosystem is what Sony is trying to achieve without cutting into the console buissness model.

CaptainHenry91675d ago


"your favorite platform is PS5. If there games do release day and date ( I high doubt will happen) that should never be reason to turn away from PS5."

TBH I don't have a favorite platform. I play most of the third-party games on PC. Not to mention I have gamepass on PC. I use PS5 to play Sony exclusives day one. If there's ever a day that Sony exclusives releases day one on PC I would definitely leave the console market.

Darkborn75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

And that was my point lightning and captain, Sony knows their fans buy games day one on playstation, it makes their marketplace make money. They have a good chance people will buy their console, which the ps5 now makes profit per sale. On top of that, they have a much higher chance of people buying other games on the console and raking in 30% profit per sale.

Captain just echoed what I said. He has gamepass on pc. So basically he takes advantage of Xbox and is part of the reason they lose money for sure from gamepass. He's getting the better deal from them and they just lose money.
I said that on the take two gamepass article.

neutralgamer199275d ago


Yes you are right that's why Sony has a huge backlog of games that they can Port over to PC. Their newer games would still most likely remain exclusive to PlayStation 5 and will be ported on game by game basis. I don't think PlayStation 5 games would come to PC on the day of launch. Sony is still in the business of selling his hardware unlike Microsoft and Xbox Sony depends on Playstation revenue to generate a lot of his profit

Games like bloodborne uncharted series etc will be ported over game by game I think

NeoGamer23272d ago

At $70 per game, I think day one buying isn't for a lot of people anymore.

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Futureshark75d ago

Of course they will, I fully expect most PS exclusives to make it to PC, several years after its sales have bottomed out on PlayStation.
It's called 'money for old rope', why not get a few more dollars from the PC crowd once the majority of Playstation owners sales have saturated.
If you don't mind waiting that long for a PS game to come to PC, then good for you!!

Tech575d ago (Edited 75d ago )

It's not clear how long it will take for the porting process. initially Sony intended on releasing games to PC at a pace. Before they started gathering port reception. so. Ports may be expected to take a bit longer than originally. With the help of nixxes this time around.

Viljong75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Pc will never get the best games on time. Only few select games when sony advertise the sequal/many years later

Sayai jin75d ago

R&C was excellent!!! The Show 21 was good too. Totoki mentioned that The Show did really well as it was sold on other platforms. Very true. He didn't mention that it was also available as part of a subscription service on another device. Which to me, means that's even more inpressive. i am pretty sure the dev feels like the champ on this.

Babadook775d ago (Edited 75d ago )

More frequently? Yah, that’s happening for a year or so. (If not always)? Nah. Got to keep ps5 games as timed exclusives.

brewin75d ago

They're going to need to do it to survive! Fanboys will hate it, but they bought that port company for a reason. Expect PS5/PC day 1 for most future exclusives.

Brazz75d ago

I wish you were right, it would end my need to buy a PS5. It would be great for me to have Sony release their games within a span of at least 1 year (or "day one" preferably), that way I could just focus on my PC and never buy a console again, every games in one place would be really nice.
But, unfortunately, that's not the reality... So PS5/PC is what I use to play games.

Viljong75d ago

Gotta be stupid to think pc will suddenly get the best exlusives from sony. It is mostly marketing and luring pc players to playstation/psn subscriber by showing few old aaa games to pc players when the sequel is coming to ps5. Playstation is dominating triple A single player games there is no competition. Doesnt make sense goty studio to spend time porting old games to pc thats why the new studio is needed. Its not even beneficial target pc with ps5 standards as there are not so many gaming pcs which can run ps5 exclusives well .

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Silly gameAr75d ago

It's nice to see that some people are still able to troll without consequences.

Lightning7775d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I think Nixxes responsibility will be to gap the translation between the PS4, 5 and PC. By coding the consoles API customizing it for the consoles and PC as well. So making a game for PS5 can easily be coded and translated to PC and even PS4 (if it's cross gen) seamlessly so that way all platform essential speak the same language (same code) for scalability. I think they'll also help with enhanced BC techniques and possibly even a smart delivery type of feature down the line.

I think Nixxes being over at Sony is hugely beneficial for some of the behind the scenes and efficiency for PS.

MocBistro75d ago

These games are shoved up customers' throats with the console combos. Can't get the console without these games or a shit ton of accessories.

realplu74d ago

Sony is playing a dangerous game. If they give gamers a reason not to buy a PlayStation console people may take them up on it. Thanks M$.

Bnet34366d ago

you sound scared lol. Microsoft is PC gaming so why tf wouldn't they support their own platform?