PS5 Shipped 10.1 Million Units as of June 30; PS4 Is At 116.5 Million; PlayStation Profit Down YoY

Today Sony announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021, which ended on June 30.

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ScootaKuH50d ago

116.5 million PS4s? It's closing in on the PS2!

Jay76750d ago

Ps2 sold 155 million consoles.

ScootaKuH50d ago

I stand corrected. For some reason I had 120m in my head

TheCaptainKuchiki50d ago

Actually Sony doesn't care if PS4 sells 110 million or 160 million.
All they care about is the fact that they earned more money from it than PS1 + PS2 + PSP combined.

solideagle50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

it sold only 500,000 this quarter, It needs to sell almost 40 million to catch up to PS2 which I highly doubt.

If they cut PS4 price then maybe it could reach those numbers

EvertonFC50d ago

119m at best imo before being discontinued.
Great sales though

Army_of_Darkness50d ago

$199 ps4 will sell sh!*tloads!

DashMad49d ago

Sony still selling million PS2 years after PS3 was posible because it when they still have their own fabs, it would not possible for PS4 when TSMC has discontinued last gen chip production what they sell right now is just the remaining stock chip, and i don't believe they have more than 40 million chip in their warehouse. even if there price cut it won't reach there without also realeasing new edition of PS4 that using RDNA gpu for example since TSMC stopped GCN GPU production.

FallenAngel198450d ago

In other news, PS4 is 2.19 million away from outselling Game Boy

EvertonFC50d ago

Closing in 🤔🙄🙃 28514;🤣

ScootaKuH50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Yup I was thinking ps2 sold 120m. We all make mistakes

Scissorman8250d ago

more like it's closing in on the original Gameboy.

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peppeaccardo50d ago

Too bad production cannot keep up with demand otherwise that number would be way higher. Needess to say that Sony has been on the front seat of video games entertainment these last 20 years and the future is brighter and brighter for video game fans who love innovation and unique AAA IPs.
Enjoy ur games -- Peace !

waverider50d ago

With the lack of PS5, sony should try and sell more PS4 by lowering the price.

SullysCigar50d ago

Definitely. People will pick them up for years at the right price, as the library is so big and varied.

EvertonFC50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Or just play the ps4 games on a ps5?
Edit: you realise ps4 will probably start getting discontinued nxt year especially Japan 1st then other countries 2023

kneon50d ago

It would be stupid to lower the price as long as sales are strong and production capacity is limited

343_Guilty_Spark50d ago

Maybe production costs are still at a level well they cannot lower it much more.

AmUnRa50d ago

No, heck they making some money on every PS5 sold, the PS4 is making them money for every PS4 sold for years now.

TGGJustin50d ago

The thing about that is there doesn't seem to be a lot of stock of the PS4 out there either.

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FallenAngel198450d ago

Only 500K that quarter? Sony should really be selling PS4 for budget price at this point. That’s how PS1 reached 101 million and PS2 reached 157 million

TGGJustin50d ago

There isn't exactly a lot of stock of the PS4 out there right now. Would be pointless to lower the price. A lot of retailers don't even have them

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