Nintendo Switch OLED Could Transform Tabletop Play Forever

Those who pick up the Switch OLED won’t feel ripped off, because it makes a concerted effort to improve upon all of its predecessor’s external shortcomings. The screen is lush, the speakers rock, and the kickstand removes an element of flimsiness that made the original console feel half-baked in a way it really shouldn’t have.

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Jin_Sakai52d ago

These are great upgrades especially the OLED display but that doesn’t change the fact that the internals are ancient.

1Victor52d ago

This reminds me of the game boy color stunt of just giving it a fresh coat of painting and called it NEW 🤬 this have been Nintendo style for decades

antikbaka52d ago

puff pieces are everywhere

Old McGroin52d ago

Absolutely, Nintendo has definitely splashed the cash on these gushing previews that are basically praising a kickstand for an extra $50 on top of a 4 year old console that was already out of date when it originally released. The line "Those who pick up the Switch OLED won’t feel ripped off" smacks of Nintendo's guidelines for these puff pieces. People are saying we're ripping them off so tell them we're not!

waverider52d ago

shouldnt be approved. its more of the same. They are all saying the same. None have the courage to say the reality.

Rebel_Scum52d ago

Never heard anyone describe a screen as lush when its just a smeggin screen.

curtain_swoosh52d ago

damn, whats up with all these fluff pieces lately lol