Nintendo Switch OLED Isn’t The Upgrade You Want, But It Still Matters

Even if the Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t what you wanted, it remains the correct decision for its parent company to make. The family of consoles now covers a low, middle, and high ground - offering options that take advantage of the experience in a multitude of different ways.

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THEzRude47d ago

It matters.... To some. To majority of twitch users ? Nope. It wont matter shit.

curtain_swoosh47d ago

lol twitch users are not a metric anyone should look at when it comes to consoles.

its the masses. and they dont care about the oled either.

Firebird36047d ago

Stop defending things like this.

Shiken47d ago

Stop defending what? Nintendo gave us no less than they said they would. If it is not for you, don't buy it. But to act like something is being defended when people use their heads and don't take the rumor mill for gospel is a special kind of ignorance.

plmkoh47d ago

As a long term Nintendo stock holder and have heavily invested, this is my opinion based on close reading over the years:

The OLED panel actually costs Nintendo less than the 720p LCD, in fact the sole reason why they're switching to OLED is because of rising cost concerns due to the monopoly the only manufacturer that made the obsolete LCD panels had on the Switch.

I'm happy the Switch profit margin is increasing to offset dropping interest, but this is clearly a rip off to the gamer.

Shiken47d ago

I might get both. Want to make sure the Steam Deck is not just a portable repeat of the Steam Box first, and see how it does. Not like I can get one at launch anyway right now.