Bobby Kotick Address Workplace Issues in Earnings Call; Says Committed to a Safe Working Environment

Activision-Blizzard's quarterly earnings call was opened by Bobby Kotick addressing the workplace controversy, and says he's committed to safe work environment.

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Jin_Sakai600d ago

If you was committed to a safe working environment it wouldn’t be what it is today. It had to become mainstream for you to take notice.

Nitrowolf2600d ago

Sadly that’s the reality of any big issue. They exist, but no one cares about it until it starts interfering with their money

TheDoomedGuy599d ago

There is also the possibility of the higher ups being unaware. Its not like these things havent surfaced before and we already know that the higher ups care about public perception and profits so letting stuff like this happen is contrary to their goals.

When you got thousands of employees with hundreds of managers, supervisors, etc. Many things can go unnoticed.

Not saying that is the case here but if you got one bad apple it can spoil the whole thing. We should all, if we really cared, be reading about all the case files and released documents/articles instead of depending on the media to tell all the details.

pietro1212599d ago

@TheDoomed Guy,
Kotick knew what was going behind closed doors

AnotherProGamer599d ago

I'd like to bring up that Kotick was friends with Jeffery Epstein and went to his island

XiNatsuDragnel600d ago

I hope it's true but most likely not.

excaliburps599d ago

Doubt it. They will say this to placate the masses and shareholders. But don't expect any tangible changes outside of firing scapegoats.

curtain_swoosh599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

it wasnt a safe work environment in the first place you pleb.

ActualWhiteMan599d ago

Bobby Cockdick wont see another dollar from me until he steps down.

SenorFartCushion599d ago

He probably touches himself to the camera footage

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The story is too old to be commented.