$130m Loss Expected for Epic Games Store Exclusives in First Wave

The first wave of 23 Epic Games Store exclusives are expected to result in a $130 million loss according to documents from the Epic vs. Apple legal battle.

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Rachel_Alucard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I wouldn't trust them to give good predictions on business states. This is the same company that said if Valve didn't react to their tactics, they would control 50% of the market share, and if Valve reacted they'd control 35%. Right now all they do is throw around Fortnite player log ins as "market share" data, but it's complete BS because clearly nobody is buying outside of Fortnite. They also stated if they stopped paying for exclusives their market share data would shoot down all the way to 8% in 2024 but I have to say it's probably less then that right now. What's really damaging to them is companies refusing to do exclusive deals after seeing how awful their sales are overall, and it hurts their future sales when releasing on Steam to top it off. Still reminded Anno 1800 has more active players on Steam then the total sales of it on Epic despite not being buyable for 2 years. I mean, you know you're doing bad when a game like Little Witch Nobeta on Steam sells 2 times more then Division 2 on Epic. That lower cut is useless if you aren't getting sales in the first place.

kryteris49d ago

I might use Epic games more if they also had a steam deck, oh wait they do! It will be the steam deck. Love that Valve.


Yes but if they can throw around numbers and market Fortnite to investors, investors will see big inflated numbers and Epic in turn sees big inflated investment.

CptDville49d ago

IMHO what's damaging is EPIC counting only on Fortnite forever, to praise one platform of a giant corporation (whoever may be) like they are your best buddies and expect that a market with no competition will be good for consumers.

Rachel_Alucard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Epic started EGS specifically because they knew they couldn't rely on Fortnite forever. That's also why they are constantly buying out every studio or other platforms, so they can keep making revenue well after Fortnite moves on. Prior to Fortnite, everything they made was just niche barely alive experiments that never took off and Fortnite was the miracle they needed. I just don't think anything Tim does to get revenue beyond Fortnite, is smart because the market was oversatured with PC platforms even before EGS showed itself. He has no idea what will work in the PC market because the PC market doesn't follow the same logic as any other market. You can't just give away all your games then expect people to pay up afterwards when you keep doing it. You are just training people to wait for giveaways. You also can't just do exclusivity because PC players tend to buy games to collect them rather then actually sit down and play them, and they are definitely not buying new games at full price on a platform that isn't connected to their personal collection, because whats the point. I just can't believe some devs would willingly do permanent exclusivity on EGS just out of spite like children, they just put their feelings before business and they get kicked for it soon after. It just baffles me that people can plainly believe EGS is trying to fix the industry for the consumer while going out of their way to make everything worse and just giving away cheap free games as shield against criticism.


Tim Sweeney has billions, so what's $130mil LOL

Sephiroushin49d ago

Yet not even with all his billions and dumb tricks like buying exclusives, throwing money around to give free games every single week can take a good marketshare from steam a company owned by a single guy with no shareholders (which i hope stay the same)... Billions yet they cant even fix their shitty store and platform...

anast49d ago

Epic needs to get a handle on their platform.

AlexMuncatchy49d ago

I mean, Fortnite brought in over 2 billion in its first year alone. They'll be fine.

Sephiroushin49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

They will be fine but even then they need to handle it better, they cant count on fortnite forever... plus they could spend that money fixing their shitty store first, it opened 3 years ago and it still feels the same crappy store, once its a good store then maybe they could take the fight against steam but like its now not even in a million years, it wont happen ...

anast49d ago

I get that they make a metric ton of money on Fortnite. It doesn't mean that every product after needs to be subpar. This is why I am confused about their shoddy platform.

skyrimer49d ago

I remember when I bought their stupid Samurai Shodown exclusive at full price because I love the franchise, just to find it completely dead online barely a a week after release, never again. At least SNK learned their lesson and KOF XV will release on Steam on day one, looks like sending their game to die for a few bucks as an Epic exclusive wasn't worth it.