The Pipeline Of Original Nintendo Titles Is Broken

Many fans hoped Nintendo switching to a single platform for support would bring a new era of software support. That hasn't happened.

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JustTheFax48d ago

They are almost out of Wii U games to rerelease so hopefully they have some new ones in the works

Outlawzz48d ago

Lol it's funny how true this is. The wiiu ports can't last forever Nintendo !

brewin48d ago

Exactly and considering that they promised they learned their lesson after the Wii u it's completely asinine for them to continue to churn out the ports the way they do. I was all for the switch at launch the first year we had totally new Mario game new Kirby game new Mario party all of that. We're finally getting the new Metroid. But where are all the original games? They seem content to just let indie devs put out shovelware on the eShop left and right. Feels like the less they try the more successful their system is so I can't blame them for not even trying. They can put out one to two titles a year and let the shovelware float them through because people seem to buy that drivle. Nintendo classics are like soul food but the switch is turning into McDonald's really fast

Inverno48d ago

well that's why they've now moved on to Wii, and GC. They've successfully rereleased SS with minimal improvements at full price, and lazily packed in 3 Mario games running through emulation at full price as well. They have the next few years covered with Wii and GC ports

JustTheFax48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

haha you're right. Have they done Wii Sports HD Remastered yet? That is ripe for the picking

edit: Oh I guess they already did it: Wii Sports Club for the Wii U. So that will probably get an *enhanced* port

Outlawzz47d ago

Be careful, they might shut this thread down and attempt to sue us all for exposing confidential business secrets

Einhander197148d ago

Yes I agree, even Nintendo said going to a single platform would speed up dev time, faster releases. But unfortunately that doesn't seem to have happened. When 3DS support was dropped I expected the Switch to have a lot more quality titles than just indie games on eshop.

brewin48d ago

They always seem to have an excuse conveniently right. Before it was because they were just learning the HD development environment now it's the pandemic that supposedly slowing them down. I'm starting to think they just don't care about their true fans. They care more about making sales to all the new gamers I don't really care about games. That explains why there's so much Android / iOS garbage that gets ported to the switch on a weekly basis. It's sad really because they had the potential to make a killer system out of the switch.