Game Focus: Need for Speed: Undercover Review

Game Focus writes: "Need for Speed Undercover is the latest racing game from Electronic Arts and EA Black Box. It has you, the driver, being told to go undercover and try to infiltrate a gang of car thieves with international criminal ties. Your handler is none other then the sexy Maggie Q of Live Free or Die Hard (she kicked Bruce Willis around until he dropped the SUV on her), and she is a great choice for eye candy in a video game. You will be racing across a city, chasing rival racers, avoiding and escaping from the police and attempting to raise your value to the underworld so they will start trusting you."


+ Maggie Q… is hot
+ Photo mode is good
+ Modification of your vehicles is very good and noticeable as your drive
+ Music and sound effects
+ Graphics are good
+ Police voice overs


- Controls are not very good for a racing title but they are good enough
- AI for the other cars you race against is unrealistic
- Full Motion Video is over the top and not in a good way
- World feels cramped and not very open
- Most races have no civilian cars on the road but this is supposed to be a major city
- Very easy game you will almost never lose
- Using real money to buy parts for your cars? LAME

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