Game Focus: The Last Remnant Review

Game Focus writes: "In the world of the Last Remnant there are magical items called Remnants which are rare, mystical and magical artifacts of varying shapes and sizes that most of the world wants to control. You are Rush, son of a famous remnant researcher who is in search of his sister and wants to solve the mystery of who is causing all of this trouble. Using a interesting combat system where you can control a party of up to 25 people. Across several groups and engage in massive battles with over 70 enemies you will search the world and discover that everything is not a simple fate of Good versus Evil."


+ Graphics are great, but the game suffers from frame rate issues
+ Audio is very good
+ Gameplay is very good and a nice touch to the group and combat system
+ Story is great and holds much potential for future titles
+ Decent length
+ Likeable characters with some good character design, except for Rush (the main lead) who is potentially the most annoying video game character seen in an RPG


- Game appears to be almost made to be installed because the graphic issues almost all disappear after you install the game
- Frame rate issues during combat
- Very little voice over work
- Immature lead character when the rest of the characters are mature makes zero sense
- Very difficult game at times
- No auto save
- Not a game to start your role playing gaming career on

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